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Monday, November 21, 2005

Cuba 2005! - Update #1

It has been confirmed, we are going to Cuba on Thursday December 15, 2005 at 6 in the morning. We will be departing from Toronto and going to

The resort we are staying at is
Brisas Santa Lucia, Camaguey, four star, all-inclusive. DEc 15, for seven nights. We are taking the risk with this resort because it was pretty cheap, the pictures looked nice, but the reviews got mixed reactions.

There were people complaining about the food, cockroaches in their rooms, sea weed on the beaches, and lousy service. BUT there were other people who attacked those cry-babies saying everything was good, but they agreed on the food. They all said there was a limited vary of food, but the best part was the pasta.

Since the tickets have been bought, I do not think my father can add more people to the trip. However, I do not mind working with those who want to go to Cuba for a week trip next year. If we have enough people interested, it will be a blast!



TallWolf said...

Ha, what do those stuck up tourists know? It might be a good way to lose some weight. :-)

TallWolf said...

If food was that awful then they would have take a picture of the food. I don't see any so therefore they must be good food.

lore said...

so who's going?

oneninefive said...

My whole family, TallWolf, and 236.

xFf said...

who is 236? :)

xFf said...

sorry that was lore (not jeff) grr.