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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cuba 2005!

My father contacted me a few days ago and expressed interest in going to Cuba again for the winter break.  I went to Cuba last year and Cuba was one of the best trip I ever took among the Americas (this may be biased because I have never been to another country in the Americas except Canada, USA and Cuba). I am currently looking at package deals for Cuba, we probably will depart sometime on or after the 15th day of December of 2005.  I am hoping some of my friends will join me so that there will be some Deaf people around (that does not mean my hearing family is no good).

For my fellow American friends who may consider joining me, I found this website with information for American tourists.  Read it and learn what rights you can exercise in a democratic and free country.

"George W. Bush doesn't want Americans to see Cuba.  Maybe he's worried they will return and ask: "how is it possible this blockaded and impoverished island can provide free health care and education for all," when Bush denies the same for his own people?"

The price ranges vary from CAD$1,000 to CAD$1,200 and we are looking for a good all inclusive four star resort, the location has not been determined yet.


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