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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Last Day:

Today is our last day of the fall break. I wanted to wish everyone a happy beleated thanksgiving.

I worked on getting most of my programs saved before formatting my computer and today I finally installed Win XP and Fedora Core 4 on my computer. Right now Win XP needs a trillion of updating to do, but once it is done I look forward using linux. I hope to abandon Microsoft someday soon. Other computer stuff I did was try to fix up FrecklesFly's computer and install Win XP so we could see if it solves her problems. Her computer kept on freezing and disconnecting from the internet. Hopefully things have been smoothen out on her computer.

On Monday, FrecklesFly and I went to my parents home for two days, Tuesday we went into Woodstock so FrecklesFly could submit her SIN application form and check out ODSP for me in case I end up having no job after I complete my studies for now... We also ended up visiting Mango Salad, a new Thai resturant in town, the waiter knew my parents and the person who renovated the restaurant was there so we kind of were treated with royality getting a couple of free India Iced Coffee and Mango juice and dessert. If you are ever in town, Mango Salad is a MUST for lunch or dinner!

For Thanksgiving, I joined FrecklesFly's family and headed off to a firehall near Watertown, NY to meet up with her brother's finance family for an afternoon dinner. Aftedr dinner, we spent time exploring the town's church and visiting her brother's finance's sister's place to relax and chat. We finally hit the road around 19h30 and approximately thirty to sixty minutes later, we hit a white out!

It felt so good riding in the snow and I wished I was driving instead of her father. We eventually got through the white out and got back home around 10:30.

We spent the last few days relaxing. On Friday FrecklesFly had to work and it took me only ten minutes to take her to work, but more than ten minutes to get out of the parking lot and that was at 5:45 am, yes in the morning! The parking lot was PACKED with idiot shoppers and they kept on preventing me from getting out of the parking lot because they kept on wanting to get in! I wonder if they ever realized that if they let me (and other cars) out they would have had more space to get into the parking lot? This was my first time in eight years to be up that early on Black Friday. I just do not understand why the stores need to cram all these discounts on the Friday after thanksgiving and create all these headaches and risky enviroment (on CNN I saw a woman trip and be trampled all over by other people rushing into a Wal*Mart store)!

Anyways, today is my last day before school starts, I have decorated my floor with snowmen from Calvin and Hobbes and need to check out SIS and add a PE course. We might go out for dinner at the Pita Pit before heading off to Regal to watch Harry Potter Part IV.

*This post was supposed to be posted on Sunday, but it never got through so hopefully it goes through this time.*

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