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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Where's your meat?

On our way back to America, we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast sandwiches. I still have a hard time understanding why the fack they thought I wanted meat on my Egg McMuffins (where the hell do you see ham in that phrase "Egg McMuffins", if there was ham, it would have made more sense to them Egg & Ham McMuffins)!

Anyways let's get to the point... We had to take the ham off our Egg McMuffins and later tonight I found them in the McDonald's paper bag. I decided that since we paid for the dead pig, I had to made my money worth it (and of course make the piglets' death worth it too). The question was HOW do I make it worth it?

The answer I came up with was to play a... GAME!

Remember how you played hide-and-seek with your other buddies when you were young? Well, it's time to play hide-and-seek, but the only difference is... you are going to play with two pieces of dead piglets! I have taken pictures of the dead piglets 15 hours after they were taken off the McMuffins and I hid them somewhere.

Once in a while I am going to check their hiding places to see how they are doing. I just want to see how long it takes a carnivore human to find their two dead piglets.

If you find them, please take photos of them and post the location where you found them in the comment space. The goal of this game is to find the meat before they become infested with maggot, rotten and moldy! If you succeed at finding the two dead piglets, you will get a prize from me!

Let the very first game of "Where's your meat?" begin!

Ah, one more thing... RIT's vending machines suck with vegetarian options (they were better last with vegetarian options year) so once in a while I may be forced to add more dead animal carcass to the "Where's your meat?" game!

When I get the pictures of the two dead piglets uploaded to my computer, I promise to introduce the two dead piglets to you.



lore said...

i dont think i wanna play. *hides*

oneninefive said...

Awww, come on! It will be a lot of fun! *chuckles*

Buzzair said...

Don't we get a clue? RIT is huge...is it confined to TA?

Is the comment about the vending machine a hint? :)

Buzzair said...

btw...that fact that the McDonalds worker put the ham in your bag means that he just took it off your McMuffin and tossed it in the bag.

So did you still eat the McMuffin even though it had ham juice all over it???

oneninefive said...

Hmm, already time for clues?!

For now let's keep it confined to Tower A, if this game becomes more popular, we can expand the boundaries, and the vending machines can be included (last year I used to ram up the meat patties into vending machine's coin dispenders, but I am not going to do that for the game).

No, the dead meat was on the Egg McMuffin, we had to take the dead meat off the sandwiches, then pat down the egg and cheese with napkins to remove as much dead pig juice as possible.

Brandon said...

aww, I want to play... gonna expand the game internationally sometime soon? :)...

or maybe we can form some kind of partnership and set up a "where's your meat?" European league and the champion of the European league faces the North American League champion for the World Championship!!! :D


oneninefive said...

Looks like a great idea! Let's work on the rules and how to make it one of the greatest games during this century.

We can talk more about plans for this via video phone.

Buzzair said...

This game sounds awesome...I'm in!

Better hope no one from the RA dept checks your blog heh. Admitting you vadalized vending machines won't be good for your job

oneninefive said...

LOL, I do not consider this an act of vandalism, I consider it an act of educating the vendors that there are people who do not like being limited to choosing food that is intoxicated with dead animals.

I think this game is going to be champ, just need to find more vegetarians who are not members of PETA to participate so more dead animals get hidden so that meat eaters have more chances of finding dead animals lying around for points! :)