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Monday, October 17, 2005

Keuka Lake State Park

FrecklesFly and I went to Keuka Lake State Park 14.10.05 - 16.10.05 to camp and do some hiking.  We went even when it was probably going to rain and it did rain most of the night on Friday. 

Saturday made our trip worth it because it stopped raining most of the day and was sunny too.  During our hike the sun made the coloured leafs more vibrant and colourful.  After our day of hiking, we went to the shelter to have our VERY late lunch and the shelter was very simple and beautiful!  We spent the rest of our late afternoon relaxing and going into town to get some more drinks to enjoy over our camp fire. 

We used the two bundles of fire wood that we "stole" for our fire, but realized that the wood was way too dry and would burn out whin one hour so FrecklesFly found some wood planks thrown in the forest that were very wet, but after standing them up near the fire and drying them out, they proved to be excellent fire wood!

It was also sunny and not raining Sunday morning, but the clouds were coming by and seemed to say that it would rain so we packed up as early as we could and headed back to Rochester.

I would like to try doing some winter camping in the Algonquin Park (for those who do not know where that park is, it is located in Ontario, Canada).

P.S. I will check on the dead piglets and let you know if anyone won yet.  I am hoping the carcass has turned into mold and is infested with maggots, but for some reason in today's dependency on toxic chemicals, the dead piglets will not be rotten.

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