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Monday, September 26, 2005

The Half-Ton Man

This morning, I was just about to go to bed at 01:00 and I was just going through random channels and TLC's show caught my eye!

The first thing I saw was a BIG, I mean BIG pile of unidentifiable misshapen human blob. It took me a while to adjust to this unknown object and wait for the closed caption to begin showing up.

There were paramedics walking around the bed, as one was talking he was pointing out that this person was unable to breathe when he was lying on his back so he had to lie on his stomach. He said he could identify fecal matters all over the place, and said that liquid was seeping through the skin becasue the skin had stretched beyond it's ability, so literally the bed was SOAKED with body fluids that seeped out!

It was later revealed that the person weighted 1,075 lbs (unfortunately if he was trying to break the world record for being the heaviest person, he was 322 lbs short of the record) which was determined by using a scale for weighting trucks loaded with grain and it had been more than seven years since he had been out of the house. Well, the point of the show was to show that avoirdupois people need to lose weight or they will die. They were worried that this guy had weeks or days before he died.

The doctor decided to put this guy on a very strict diet, which its daily calorie intake did not exceed 1,200 calories. Within six weeks the dude had lost relatively half of his beef!

At that time, the dude was capable of walking around and getting around on his own. I am pretty sure there was someone around the corner watching him to make sure he did not fall down, besides who would not notice a 600 lb person walking around.

It was time for his gastric bypass surgery. The butchers decided to shut off approximately 90% of his stomach reducing his stomach intake to about 20 ounces at a time. Thus the dude can only eat 20 ounces at a sitting, I wonder if this is the beginning of humans stomach evolving into smaller ones!

When the guy weighted 500 lbs, the doctor announced that he was ready to go home.


Patrick Deuel

There is more to this digusting post! They deny that they eat more than other people, they think that there are other people out there that eat more than they do. Note: they = Patrick Deuel and his wife.

However, when we take their grocery bill into consideration, I will let you judge their claims that they eat less than other people do. Their grocery bill comes to more than USD$ 1,200 per month.

For more information about Patrick Deuel check out these links:




Buzzair said...

This dude obviously is not a vegetarian

oneninefive said...

Yeah, obvious, but it is more obvious he is a HFCSian*.

*For those who do not know what the heck HFCS is, check out http://www.hfcsfacts.com/.