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Sunday, September 11, 2005

one more thing...

Talking to bg0ur3, we realized that today is the eleventh day of September, which means it is the fourth anniversary (well four years and approximately two hours and half) of 9-eleven.

What does that mean? It's time to party hard and celebrate the hijackers. I know you are baffled at why I said celebrate the hijackers, and probably wondering "what about the people who died that day?".

My answer is... more people will think about the victims of that day than those hijackers. So I thought be more considerate and think about and honour those who will be least likely to be remembered and honoured.

I know many readers will react with anger because I am celebrating the hijackers. Before you fret and make a big issue out of this, I have also included a picture of millions of poppies to honour the victims. Yes, I said of millions, meaning each victim has more than one poppy which shows that I put a lot of energy and effort to show that I also do think about the victims.


lore said...

we dont use poopies to remember the fallen ones in USA.

lore said...

err. i meant poppies.

natech said...

You mentioned hijackers being victims but I don't really think that's correct because victims means someone who got attacked. Thus, you have victims AND attackers. So, hijackers were being attackers to the passengers in the planes plus people in the towers. Thus, I don't consider hijackers as victims unless you mean hijackers as being victims to the belief that they should put on a suicide plan and go kill someone.

oneninefive said...

Natech, I said "more people will think about the victims of that day than those hijackers".

I think I made it clear that the vicitims were the victims of the hijackers. :)

I do not call them the attackers or killers because in their perspective they may have seem themselves doing the correct thing.


oneninefive said...


at least I applied the Canadian tradition to the Americans, is America full of diversity? :)

Yesterday's show about flight AAno93 was interesting.


Buzzair said...

I should hope Americans don't use poopies to remember the fallen ones....the whole country would be crapped out