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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Yesterday, a bunch of us went to the Rochester Market to shop for fruits and vegetables. While we were at the market, I realized that I should keep an eye open for plants since I have never really owned a plant and wanted to add something that was alive in my dorm.

First, we got plenty of vegetables and fruits, met up with David, Jeff and Lore at the market. I found and bought Bodacious Rapture Hawaiian Pepper Jam, which I sampled and found to be very sweet and spicy. After getting pretty much everything I wanted I saw a table with plants. There were many different kinds of plants there, but none looked like great plants that I would want to take care of. One particular plant caught my attention. It cost $3.50 and I had no idea how to take care of this plant so I kind of hesitated to buy it, but told myself that I would go around and if I still saw nothing that I wanted, maybe I would consider going back and get that plant. The only dilemma I had was that it was the only plant on the table so I started to worry that someone else would take it before I came back.

Before leaving the table, I said that I would like this plant because it produces free candies. Another person who was with me exclaimed something like "This plant makes candy?!" while his/her eyes enlarged with surprise. That made me decide to buy the plant.

I am happy to introduce my new pet...

...the infamous HAWORTHIA plant!


lore said...

neat plant! good start for you because it doesnt need to be watered often so if you forget, you wont feel so guilty.

when will it grow candies?

oneninefive said...

The sad news is...

...it will never grow candies. :(


lore said...

i know it doesnt grow candies - that's why i mentioned it's a catcus that day.. grrrr.. guess my sarcasm isn't obvious :(