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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Euro Pixs!

Hello readers,
I have good news to announce, today since I have no class, I braved the day while feeling sick from sucking and inhaling all the mucus that was stuffing my nose and headed to building 7, for those who do not know anything about RIT buildings, that is the building where the art and photography majors are located at.
After stopping at two computer labs and asking for help with finding a memory card reader, I was finally told to go to the library, yes the photography and art labs do not even have memory card readers! So now here I am transferring all the pictures to two CDs, don't want to arrive home and find out that one CD was unsuccessful and have no back-up.
It takes more than 40 minutes to burn everything onto one CD so I will bein the library for a while.


Brandon said...

why did it suddenly work now?... I was hoping you would have taken the third option and have EuroTrip II :)


oneninefive said...

The library memory card reader probably read the pictures and was able to transfer directly to the pc.

Who cares, now i know where to go if my computer cannot recgonize the memory card again.


lore said...


natech said...

Ha, that's where I bumped into seeing Mike as he figured how to burn the damn CD. First, he tried to burn directly from the smart card to the CD but that didn't work. So, he copied the files to the hard drive first, then to CD. Didn't work. It has to be the Windows XP bug. I suggested finding another computer with CD-RW drive. That computer was a glorious shiny metal G5 Mac. That's where the CD got burnt. Then we tested the CD by putting into the PC and it worked. So, you should be seeing Mike's 4,000 pics pretty soon. :-)