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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Day Fifty-Seven

Day Fifty-Seven - 21.07.05 - Münich]

  • Spent today relaxing, and plan to head to another beergarden later tonight.
  • Updated my blog with a crazy queer looking at GAY porn on the internet at this internet cafe! Crazy eh?
  • Tomorrow we plan to go to Füetten to see the Neuschwyn (sp) castle and begin our tour along the Romantic Road then head towards Berlin.
  • Sorry for the lack of details here, time is running out for me on this computer.
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Fifty-Six - 20.07.05 - [Münich]
  • Got to Münich at 7 in the morning, our hostel was very near to the train station so we had no problems finding it.
  • We were hoping we could get beds and nap for a while, but it was so full that they told us we could get beds at 15h so we tried to kill time by buying their buffet breakfast which was ok-ok, it included, tea, coffee, three diffrent kinds of bread, two or three different kinds of cheese, jam, butter, honey, cold cut meat (which no one touched for more than two hours), and cereal with milk.
  • We tried watching television, but it was too tiring for us so I suggested we try to find the park and sleep there.
  • We ended up seeing St. Michael's church, which was very plain and boring inside, but had a bronzed dead priest (Catholics sure love doing things with their dead people)!
  • Next we headed to the Marienplaty and saw the townhall and the Glockenspiel when the carillon went on at 11h (took a video of the clock so you do not need to go to Münich to see it).
  • We headed to the Viktualien Market where we got to sample some nice tasting bread spreads and sauces.
  • Then we went to the old town hall before stopping at the Hofbräuhaus. That was the best part of my day even when I was so tired with not enough sleep.
  • It was nice seeing almost everyone drinking beer, even the women there too! Got to admit the women here are true women, those who drink only wine or liquor need to come here to learn how to drink beer and become real women.
  • FrecklesFly and I ordered our own Maß of beer, mine was light coloured (will get exact names of beer later) and her was dark colored.
  • In Mün-chen steht ein Hof-bräu-haus, oans, zwoa, G'suffa!
  • Ein Pro-sit, ein Pro-sit... der Gemut-lich-keit! Ein Prosit ein Pro-O-sit der Gemut-lich-keit!
  • Translate these two into English correctly and post your translations on my blog comment and maybe you`ll get a gift from me! :)
  • Headed to the park, saw the nudist meadow full of queer men, could not find the beach, found a river where people were surfing in it! Could not find the start of the river, but who cares, people were having fun surfing to figure out how the river started.
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Fifty-Five - 19.07.05 - [Cesky Krumlov -> Münich]
  • Got up, packed up and checked the schedule to get to Münich, the hostel kept on telling us to take their shuttle service that cost 599Kc each, that price was a rip off because we knew we could get there for less so we facked their service.
  • Walked down to the center of town, went to internet cafe to reserve hostel for Münich.
  • Went to the castle and checked out the jail, and a place where there were statues, walked down the main path of the castle towards the castle garden.
  • Had a snack, then checked out the knight jousting tournament, but the space was tiny and the line-up was too long of a wait for us and we believe that there was a fee to pay to watch the tournament.
  • As we headed down towards the road that would take us to the train station, we spotted a true vegeterian resturant and could not resist trying it out.
  • The best part of our meal was the blueberry dumplings that were served with yogourt and carmel, the rest was good, mostly beans, cocous, rice, corn, carrots, and some kind of onion tasting vegetable along with tofu and sauce.
  • Got to the train station and found out it cost 492Kc for trains to Linz, we tried to get tickets only to the border town of Czech Rep. and Austria. Later we found out that the station did not accept credit cards and the only place to get money was back in the centre of town!
  • We decided to use FrecklesFly's USD money and exchange it at a placec closer than the bank machine and learned that we were looking at the wrong exchange numbers and got less than we needed, but thank goodness that happened!
  • We decided to just get tickets to Cesky Budejovice and the woman at the ticket booth there was more helpful and got us tickets only to the border and we ended up spending 160Kc altogether for both of us (80Kc per person) to get to Münich!
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Fifty-Four - 18.07.05 - [Prague -> Cesky Kumlov]
  • Got up in the morning, packed up and got ready to walk to the Peterin Tower.
  • The view at the top of the Peterin tower was awesome, however it could have been better if there was no clouds or smog in the air.
  • After the tower we stopped by the mirror maze and had fun getting lost in the maze and then seeing ourselves becoming deformed by funny mirrors and having a lesson about Prague during the thirty year war (Sweden failed to conquer Prague).
  • After that, we stopped at a store to get a shirt for FrecklesFly, then we picked up some absinthe to drink on the train to Cesky Krumlov (just kidding).
  • Took the train, we had to stop and change trains in Cesky Budejovice where the Budwesier originated from (sorry St. Louis Budwesier lovers, your beer is not original and not the real "King of Beer", if the beer you are drinking says "Budvar", that is the real "Budwesier"). :)
  • Arrived in Cesky Kumlov and got a ride to our hostel with their free shuttle servicec, after signing in, we walked down the old town towards a restaurant that had vegeterian menu.
  • The food was good, but would not say it was the best resturant for vegeterians because all their options were international foods (we had Bean Burrito and Chinese Tofu Stir-Fry, not very local food eh?).
  • Headed back to our hostel and made few stops to have some of their beer and some Mojitos.
Amount Spent: TBA


lore said...

you seem to like germany :)

I rememebr when I was in Australia, i saw this old man looking up gay porn at the internet cafe. The man was like in his late 70's, early 80's. did your trip open your mind a little? :) wait wait.. i think i'll ask you that when you get back to good old USA - the home of the brave and the land of the freeeee *grin*

enjoy the rest of your time there.

oneninefive said...

LÖL - Gay porn has not opened up my mind and never will. :) (do not remind me about this quote "never say never" :)

Will be sad to leave Germany, München is a great city to enjoy beer and see men in old fashioned clothes...

Anyhow I am looking forwards seeing the other cities in Germany before I can judge which city was the best in Germany.



marathonbabe said...

I can translate only one line...

Mün-chen steht ein Hof-bräu-haus

Munich stands a yard brewing house

The rest cannot be translated by two sources so far. Ill keep trying :) Hope it counts as getting a gift? ;)

marathonbabe said...

ok i got some more...

oans, zwoa, g'suffa-- has to do with a beer and a song.... im still trying :)

but here goes my further discovery... Prosit means 'may it do good' or 'good health' .. and... gemut-lich-keit means warm, comfortable feeling one receives from pleasant atmosphere.

It is clearly a toasting to a smashing beer, eh?

marathonbabe said...

Got it! Got it!

"In Munich there is the Hofbräuhaus, one, two, slug your beer! Cheers!– To that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling inside that we’re all enjoying amidst this fine and friendly atmosphere here tonight!"

Whee! :)

Good website: http://www.mikesbiketours.com/

marathonbabe said...

if you want to order a beer, say "noch eins bitte!"

Prost! :)

oneninefive said...

marathonbabe - congrats! Your effort earns you the gift from Germany!

It will be waiting for you when I get back to USA-Canada! :)


marathonbabe said...

Awesome! Thanks :)