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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Day Sixty-Five

Day Sixty-Five - 29.07.05 - [Amsterdam -> Brussels]

  • Got up in the morning - stopped at McDonald's for the 4th time in Europe to pick up a Veggie McPita to taste on the train to Brussels.
  • Different, but obviously frozen veggies and lots of oil or juices that dripped out on my shorts! So easy to get our clothes dirty in Europe!
  • Got in Brussels around 13h and went directly to our hostel; not hard to find and was near the train station.
  • Rested until we were ready to go out and explore the area around our hostel. Found the food store and stocked up with bread, cheese, crepes, fruit, and of course, Beligan beer - would be crazy not to pass up the chance to sample Beligan beer!
  • Went back to our hostel and had dinner, checked emails and drank our Beligan beer, gotta say about beer in Europe - Beligans know how to brew good beer, Germans drink beer with style!
  • Goodnight!
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Sixty-Four - 28.07.05 - [Amsterdam]

  • Got up, no breakfast at our hostel which sucked - headed to the Bonatic {sp} Garden to see the largest water lily, stopped at a delicous soup place before the garden and found another fafel place {got to admit that since i first tasted fafels in Berlin, I have been nuts for fafels lately}.
  • After eating we found a library and found that internet was free, but sucked with the 30 minute limit.
  • We found another internet cafe and planned our way back to London - found that it cost us approximately 120€ to go to London on August 2nd, but only 80€ to fly to Dublin and figured it would be cheaper to stay in an Euro Zone country instead of London or England in general.
  • Booked our flights and reserved hostel in Brussels for two nights, leaving our last two nights in Brussels open in case we found Deaf people that would let us stay overnight.
  • Went to Amsterdam's sex muesum which was cheap, but okay before getting some Veitnamese fries with curry sauce.
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Sixty-Three - 27.07.05 - [Amsterdam]

  • Got up at 7 and had breakfast then signed out and headed to our next hostel and signed in.
  • Got our map of Amsterdam and planned our day - we tried to find Casa Roma to see the famous statue penis {for Rachel's sake, not mine} but could not find it so we headed to the old Heinken Brewery for the "Heinken Experince" tour.
  • Headed along one of the canals to find a park with a large chess set that was human size, once again could not find it.
  • We were hungry so we stopped at a coffeehouse and had brownies and cappuccinos {bought them so we could also use the wash closets after the free beer we had from the Heinken Experince, and in case you were thinking of something else, we did not smoke any weed in the coffeehouse though other people were!}
  • Headed back to our hostel, found a resturant called Green Planet that served vegeterian and vegan dishes with as many organic items as possible - good food and organic white beer along with organic, but not vegan honey beer. Only drawback, the dishes were tiny and not really worth the price, oh well.
  • We wanted dessert; but didn't have the mood to test Green Planet's dessert to find them small and expensive so found another coffeeshop that sold chocolate cakes and hot chocolate.
  • Headed back to the hostel and for some reason got lost, but figured our way back and decided to stay in because we were very tired!
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Sixty-Two - 26.07.05 - [Berlin -> Amsterdam]

  • We got up and packed up, headed to the post office and finally did something we wanted to do for a long time...
  • Mailed all our unused clothes, paper and pictures we collected and want to keep, my poncho, and other stuff I wanted to get rid of and now my backpack is half full!
  • Headed to train station, got on train to Hamburg.
  • Realized there was not much to see in Hamburg and there was no night train to Amsterdam so we got on next train headed to Amsterdam and hoped we would have no trouble finding a place to sleep {already reserved room for the 27th and 28th.
  • The scene at Amsterdam was bizarre! Something I never saw or imagined to see in my lifetime, the smoke from coffeehouses reeking through the streets, the red neon lit tiny showcase rooms with hookers standing there showing off themselves and trying to bait touists... and all those food stands with good smelling foods behind glass displays.
  • We headed to our hostel and found out it was booked full; they recommended an office thqt helped tourists find rooms at last minute notice, we had to settle with one for 30€/person for the night, but it included breakfast and probably would have been better than our next two nights in Amsterdam.
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Sixty-One - 25.07.05 - [Berlin]

  • Got up, we decided to tour the city starting with the bombed church that was never rebuilt that was right in front of the Zoo Train Station.
  • After that, we headed to the Reichstag building, viewed the mounment for the Soviet soldiers in WWII
  • We visited some more places, but will list them when I have time, time's running out...
  • Continuing this post...
  • We stopped by the remaining Berlin Wall called "Terror Road".
  • Then we got lost and figured our way to the East Tower and old Red Town Hall.
  • We decided to head back to our hostel and call it a night.
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Sixty - 24.07.05 - [Berlin

  • We spent the whole day relaxing, we were kind of worn out - moving from one spot to another so many times and spending the whole day walking around or riding trains really gets tiring sometimes.
  • Later in the afternoon, we decided to get up and look for the beer garden in Berlin, but could not find it and found an internet cafe so FrecklesFly could try and get some of her errands done that were urgent.
  • Headed back to the hostel, nothing really much today.
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Fifty-Nine - 23.07.05 - [Münich -> Rothenburg -> Berlin]

  • Got up early again to catch the train to Rothenburg to tour part of the Romantic Road in Germany.
  • We got to Rothenburg around noon and spent the afternoon exploring the old walled town. It was interesting to find out that with a town of 10,000 people in the middle of no where the Allied forces bombed 66% of the town which had no contribution to the Nazi war!
  • Caught the train to Weinburg, but ended up taking the wrong train that took us in the opposite direction so we lost our chance to look around Weinburg.
  • Got there and caught the night train to Berlin.
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Fifty-Eight - 22.07.05 - [Münich -> Füetten -> Münich]

  • Got up early, caught the train that was enroute to Fuetten, where we took the bus to Neuschwien (sp) Castle.
  • On the way we missed our train stop so we ended up having to go back on another train to our stop and got there approximately a hour late than we planned on.
  • Found out that tours were required for both castles and we negotated a deal of buying one ticket for one person and getting the other for free because we were Deaf (we are not supposed to tell anyone about that).
  • The first castle, not Neuschwien(sp) was okay, it was where King Ludwig II's parents lived, and our next tour was at the Neuschwien(sp) Castle.
  • The castle was interesting and there were nice views of the area around it.
  • We headed back to Munich.
  • It was pretty late, but we rushed to the Hofbrahaus so I could buy a Mass mug and join my father's "'HB'' stein club.
Amount Spent: TBA

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