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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Day Fifty-three

Day Fifty-three - 17.07.05 - [Prague]

  • We had a slow morning, breakfast was server a little bit late today because today's Sunday.
  • We napped some more and at around noon, we got ready to go out becasue FrecklesFly wanted to try and find a thimble for her mom, I wanted to check out prices of absinthe to bring back to Canada.
  • We stopped at Jaromiar Jágr's Sport Bar on the main street near the National Museum. There is a glass replica of Jágr's first Stanley Cup (1990 - 1991) when he played for Pittsburg. It was a nice bar, still cheap to eat there for foreign people, however it cost more in Czech standards. There was also a post that had whiskey bottles drunk by the Czech hockey team - Domik Hask and Jaromir Jágr could not drink more than half of their bottle when most of their team mates were able to drink more than 2/3 - 3/4 of one-litre of whiskey in a night (one player finished his bottle)!
  • Jágr's sport bar did not have good vegeterian choices, but we ordered a small snack of buttered vegetables and french fries which were good and 500ml of beer, all costed no more than USD$5.
  • Headed back down main street to look at some more stores to shop before stopping at the internet cafe.
  • We plan to go up the Petrin Tower later when it gets darker to see the whole city at night and we will be stopping at Arest (cheap Czech food) recommended by our hostel for dinner - hopefully they have good vegeterian choices.
  • Here I am now at the internet cafe, updating blogs, emails and reading friends' blogs (and posting comments on their blogs as well).
  • I sure miss Canada! Lots of my friends sure had fun on July 1st!
Amount Spent: TBA

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