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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Day Thirty-One

Day Thirty-One - 25.06.05 - [Venice -> Lake Como]

  • Got up at 8h30 (thought that it was 7h30 with FrecklesFly's watch) showered and signed out.
  • Was disappointed that we could not get 10% discount because we reserved on-line, if we had not we would have gotten the discount with our receipt from the campground in Rome.
  • Took the train to Milano at 9h52, switched trains and headed to Lake Como.
  • We got there at 14h05 and after a bit of figuring out, we finally found the street that took us to our hostel.
  • We got to the hostel, only to find out that it opened at 16h and it started raining cats and dogs again! We had to find a place to stay dry and we found a tunnel and stayed in it for a few minutes.
  • After the rain stopped, we decided to look for a place to eat to kill 1h and come back to the hostel, but a guy who worked at the hostel saw us and decided to make reservations for us and told us to come back in a hour.
  • Had two drinks at a bar across the street while we waited.
  • Signed in the hostel and after that we studied the map and look at points of interest in the town for tomorrow.
  • We headed out to Bar Black Panther because they offered free internet if we bought snacks there. So here I am.

Amount Spent: €147.00 (including payment for camp in Venice and Lake Como)

Day Thirty - 24.06.05 - [Venice]

  • Started the day by catching the bus to Venice and we headed to Pont Rialto.
  • We kind of spent most of the time looking in stores that sold jewellery and glass. I decided that I liked the glass pens they were selling so I started looking for one I liked.
  • We kind of got lost and ended up walking to the north part of the island before heading back south.
  • Stopped by a pizzeria for pizza to add some energy to find San Marco and Pont Rialto.
  • Found San Marco immediately after eating! The place had so many piegons that they were selling seeds for people to feed the piegons with, we got a pack of seeds and fed the piegons.
  • We took pictures of eachother feeding piegons, they were all over our hands, arms and shoulders!
  • Headed to Pont Rialto, the bridge was full of stores selling jewellery or glass products, I found a small glass pen being sold for €13 so I got it. (a smaller souvenier than my father's huge HB stein!)
  • We headed back to the bus stop and stopped by the grocery store to get some food for dinner, found cheap wine so we took advantage of the prices even though we already had two bottles of wine!
  • Got back to camp and had dinner, went to bed.
  • (note: autobus in Italy seem to be free, however they are not, but it is easy to get rides on them for free!)

Amount Spent: €39.94


lore said...

whatcha think of the other half of me (italians)? :)

xFf said...


It seem like you're enjoying Europe!!! Meet any Real Knight yet?

Keep up with your blogging, I'll try to reply more now adn then.

It seem to be expensive in Europe, with EURO. Hope you bought a roundtrip tix :)

oneninefive said...


To sum things up, Northern Italians were much better than Southern Italians (see FrecklesFly's experince with an Italian and his toy whistle?).

Como was beautiful, better go there soon, prices are going up fast since Clooney, Pitt, and several other actors are buying villas and beaches there! They said prices have gone up more than 9% within one year!


Have not met any real knights, but have seen nice armour for sale in Budapest and plenty of statues of knights in Krakow.

If you're looking for a cheap trip, I sure would recommend Poland as the cheapest one I have seen so far, I think Hungary can be cheaper than Euro countries too, anticipate Czech to be cheap too and have not had a chance to check and compare values from Croatia yet.

Of course, got round trip ticket and already paid for, all I have to do is dodge the terrorist bombs when I get back to London (have already bought a bulletproof vest and am looking for some kind of face/neck protection they wear when trying to control riots).



lore said...

Interesting.. My mom's from the northern part of italy (vasto, milano and abruzzi) .. The southerns are more like u know who? The one who drives a rubbermaid. :)