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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Day Twenty-Seven

Day Twenty-Nine - 23.06.05 [Venice]

  • Got up at 11h00 and decided today would be a relaxing day, at around 12h00 we headed to the pool and relaxed and soaked in the sun with a short dip in the cold tub until 15h00.
  • Got ready to spend the afternoon in Venice and grabbed the autobus to Venice, walked around and our main goal was to find Cafe Blue with free internet access.
  • After a few turns and walks along the water, we found Cafe Blue, ordered some drinks and got internet access.
  • We had to get off the computer once in a while due to others wanting internet access.
  • We had our first taste of Absinthe today! It tasted strange, but I liked it, FrecklesFly didn't really like the taste as much as I did.
  • We decided to walk around and try to find Rialto, but later we realized we did not have time due to the last bus leaving for our campground.
  • We decided to have a quick dinner at a Chinese restaurant that seemed to have good prices for their food.
  • We had three dishes, each costing approx €2.50 to €3.50 each, water and when the bill came, we were surpised that they charged each of us €1.30 for using chopsticks - no charge for using forks and knives! bizzare eh?!
  • We headed back to camp and went to bed.

Amount spent: €54.37

Day Twenty-Eight - 22.06.05 - [Rome -> Venice]

  • Got up at 7h, got ready to leave and met up with Buzzy, we signed out and Buzzy headed for his autobus to the airport, we headed to our bus that took us to the metro.
  • Got to the train station and got the first train we could find to Florence.
  • Got to Florence and figured out our way to the bus pick-up that would take us to the camp grounds we reserved for three nights.
  • Signed into the camp ground and got settled in, had our first night stay special dinner with pizza and drink then took a walk along the "canal" that was closed and could see the airport.
  • Took some time to read before going to bed.
Amount Spent: €111,90

Day Twenty-Seven - 21.06.05 - [Rome -> Naples -> Pompeii -> Rome]

  • Got up at 8h and got ready to go to the train station to catch a ride to Naples.
  • We did not realize that it took approximately 3h to get to Naples.
  • When we got there, we hurried to get a ride to Pompeii.
  • After getting to Pompeii, we were really hungry so we decided to have pizza dinner and some wine before exploring the ruins.
  • Actually we were hoping to try some pizza from the pizzeria, Pizzeria Brandi that still exisited and was said to be built in 1780 and still using the same oven.
  • We headed to the Pompeii ruins and walked around and saw several dead people formed into stone from teh eurption of Mt. Vesuvius on 24.08.AD79.
  • We headed back to Naples and then to Rome and arrived in Rome at approximately 22h and found out our metro was closed so we kind of panicked until we found out an autobus replaced our metro.
  • We finally got back to our campground and checked to see if Buzzair was awake, but he seemed to be asleep so we made our dinner and got ready to go to bed.
  • When I was ready to hit the sack, Buzzair came by and told us what happened at the hospital and told us he was heading home the next day.
  • It was sad to know he had decided to leave, I was kind of hoping he would be able to make it through.

Amount Spent: €52,05

Day Twenty-Six - 20.06.05 - [Rome]

  • Got up at 7h30 and FrecklesFly seemed to want to sleep more so I read a little bit.
  • I made breakfast as she got up and we left to look around Rome.
  • Our first stop was at the Colosseo and they accepted only cash and charged us €3.50 extra for audio guide because we were Deaf so we facked the Colosseo!
  • We headed to the Platino and Foro Romano, no discount too so we facked them too and finally found a free path through the ruins.
  • We were surpised to see people sitting and having picinics on rocks and sculptures on the path.
  • FrecklesFly decided to relax and sit on one of the stones and I thought the background made a perfect one for a picture so we took pictures.
  • An ugly Italian man got all angry and spoke gibberish that we could not understand so we tried to explain that we were Deaf and the man held up his favourite toy, a whistle! (Perfect for Deaf people eh?!)
  • What a dumb man we thought as we ignored him and walked away heading for the Pantheon and that was something that was finally free in Rome! There was not much to see there.
  • Our next destination was to see the Fontana di Trevi then to see Plazzo Barberini, hoping to escape from the heat to explore the cool crypts of deaf bodies.
  • We could not find the crypt so we decided to head to Piazza di Spagna before heading back to camp.
  • We met up with Buzzair and found out he was not getting better so we decided to go and soak in the cold tub before haing dinner and calling it a night.

Amount Spent: €76,93

Day Twenty-Five - 19.06.05 - [Rome -> Vatican City -> Rome]

  • Got up at 6h to start our laundry. Clothes dryer did not work so I had to hang up our clothes on the line.
  • We relaxed at the campground in the cold tub and read our books until 16h when we decided our clothes were dry enough to put away.
  • We finally headed to Vatican City, our first stop was at St. Peters.
  • Some how we stumbled into an underground graveyard that was under St. Peters and saw the newest dead Pope's grave. Was not allowed to take pictures of it, silly to be allowed to take pictures of other dead people's graves, but not pictures of a new dead person eh?!
  • We were not able to find the Sistine Chapel - only irony is that the Vatican City is only 0.4 km square and we could not find a chapel!
  • It seemed like it was going to rain so we decided to head back to camp and just as we got on the bus it started raining cats and dogs!
  • We chatted and had dinner before going to bed and found out that Buzzair had tonsilitis and I hope he would be able to heal soon so he can enjoy his Euro trip!

Amount Spent: €12,83

Day Twenty-Four - 18.06.05 - [Florence ->Rome]

  • Got up at 9h and packed up, ate our leftover food from last night.
  • We said good bye to our host and headed to Piazzale Michelangelo after using our remining 1h of internet time.
  • The day was very hot and we had to carry our backpacks all over the city. It really fustrated FrecklesFly a lot too!
  • The piazzle was at the top of a very long walk up the hill and it was a litte past noon.
  • The rest of our walk was down hill so the hardest part was over.
  • We went across Ponte Veccnio, saw a lot of jewelery stores and people getting married.
  • Our next stop was at Piazza Della Signoria, saw many statues of Greek Myths then we headed to Piazza del Duomo and the church was being repaired.
  • We proceed to Piazza M.D. Aldobbandini and was not impressed with the view so we hurried to the train station to catch a ride to Rome.
  • On the way to the train station, we stopped at McDonald's for our very first European McDonald's food! We got their Italian Music Potatos (hopefully Canada and USA does not have them now).
  • We arrived in Rome and went straight to our campground and signed in and met up with Buzzair with no problem.
  • Headed to the grocery store for food for the next four days.
  • Went for a quick swim in the pool and had dinner then went to bed.

Amount Spent: €36.18


Buzzair said...

Ahh ya lucky bastard! Ya got to taste the absinthe! If you can, bring some of the illegal shit from Prague and I'll drink some when I'm better. :)

You know that was our oringal goal..to meet up in Prague and have a shot of absinthe.

oneninefive said...

Yeah, we plan to try and get some for you! Only for you since it was our original plan to have some together, the others have to go to Prague, Czech to taste it! :)

There are two types, I will bring the one I think you will prefer.