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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Day Fourty-Five

Day Fourty-Five - 09.07.05 - [Lokva Rogoznica -> Zagreb -> Budapest ]

  • We left the room at around 9h and caught the bus to Split.
  • We checked the train schedule and found out that we had to leave Split at around 22h and will arrive in Zagreb around 6h 10.07.05 and then have to switch trains and will get to Budapest around 14h30.
  • We decided to put our backpacks in storage at the train station and look around Split, found this internet cafe and decided to catch up with our blogs.
Amount Spent: TBAKN

Day Fourty-Four - 08.07.05 - [
Lokva Rogoznica]
  • We got up pretty late again today and had the chocolate mix for breakfast.
  • We headed to the beach again and found a nice boulder to lie on while sunbathing. The water was choppy and rough today so there were some pretty big waves that kept on splashing on us.
  • We found a fishing net and FrecklesFly tried to scoop up some coral reef plants that were washing on shore.
  • I read for a little bit, and we were starting to feel hot and wanted to be in the shade so we went back to our room, and the lady told us how much we owed her for five nights.
  • I was told that the nearest bank was in Omis so we decided that I'll go to Omis and get money and also check emails and let the person in Budapest know that we would be in Budapest on 10 July.
  • The bus to Omis was easy to catch, but on the way back it was very hard, three bus drove past me and the fourth one finally stopped and took me back to Omis (If it did not stop, I would have started walking back to Lokva Rogoznica)!
  • Got back and was tried so read my book on the bed and after a while, BOOM! the bed fell apart!
  • The woman was very upset and kept on saying the bed was new and we tried to help her fix the bed, but at the end, the bed looked fixed, but I'm pretty sure the next people who sleep on the bed will feel the BOOM again. We put a coke bottle under the bed to help support the mattress for our last night there.
  • We had pasta, corn, butter, onion and a loaf of bread for dinner and read a bit before going to bed.
Amount Spent: 381,93KN

Day Fourty-Three - 07.07.05 - [
Lokva Rogoznica]
  • I got up late and saw that FrecklesFly went to the market and bought some chocolate mix, fruit, cheese, bread, and vegetables for breakfast/lunch.
  • After lunch, we got dressed into swimsuits and went to the beach, we spent approximately three hours at the beach before heading back to our room to relax.
  • We got some wine to drink while reading our books, but we ended up chatting while relaxing on the balcony outside our room.
  • We ended up not being very hungry for dinner so we went to bed after reading for a while.
  • Today was a nice and relaxing day!

Amount Spent: 118,59KN

Day Fourty-Two - 06.07.05 - [Lokva Rogoznica -> Omis -> Lokva Rogoznica]

  • RrecklesFly said there was an internet cafe on the way to our room so we thought it was nearby.
  • We decided to walk along the road and later we started feeling fustrated because the town seemed to be further than we expected.
  • We stopped for a quick swim on the way, then continued to town, we arrived in Omis after approximately two or three hours of walking!
  • We found an internet cafe, but it was closed so we decided to have lunch at a pizzeria, the food was very cheap there according to our numbers we used from Let'sGo since we had no chance to check online.
  • We ordered a pizza for each of us, but later realized that the pizza was too big and at th end we were so full!
  • Went to internet cafe, checked emails and tried to update blogs.
  • Decided to head back to our room by bus.
  • While we were waiting at the bus stop, three or four bus drove past us without stopping, we were fustrated, but decided to walk back to our room.
  • We stopped at a market to get some food and drinks and got back in town just as the sun was going below the horizon.
  • We were still too full and read a little bit before calling it a night.

Amount Spent: 153.50KN

Day Fourty-One - 05.07.05 - [Maribou, Serbia -> Zagreb, Croatia -> Split, Croatia ]
  • We decided to take the 9h train to Maribou, Serbia and find out how to get to Zagreb than let the train station workers wonder if we plan to stay at the train station all day
  • We got there and found out we had two hours to kill, we looked for the internet and found an university or school that had a computer lab that we could use computers for free!
  • We checked emails and contacted the lady that we planned to sleep at in Split to let her know that we missed the train yesterday.
  • We headed back to the train station and caught the train to Zagreb, Croatia.
  • In Zagreb, we bought our next train tickets that would take us to Split. The Eurail Pass we have does not cover train fares in Serbia and Croatia, in case you wondered why we were buying train tickets.
  • We got in Split at 8h45 and rushed to catch a bus to Lokva Rogoznica, god the people who had rooms were attracted to us like magnets! They followed us to the bus station, and kept on yelling in our faces their offers for rooms!
  • Lucky one of the women who were trying to get tourists to buy her room realized we were Deaf and trying to find the correct bus to our room so she helped us find the bus to Lokva Rogoznica.
  • We got to our room around 22h and it was raining when we got off our bus so we were kind of soaked when we arrived and it was nice to finally have a good bed under me!
  • We fell asleep without wanting to get up and get some dinner!

Amount Spent: TBAKN

Day Fourty - 04.07.05 - [Wein (Vienna) -> Somewhere between the Austria-Serbian border ]
  • We got up, signed out and went to the train station and put our backpacks in lockers for the day and bought our train tickets to Split, Croatia.
  • We headed to the Nachtmarkt to see what it was like, there was plenty of fresh fruits and veggies there along with wine stores and resturants.
  • We had some vegeterian sandwiches from an India stand that were huge and delicous before heading to St. Stephen to tour the catacombs.
  • The catacombs were awesome, it was very cool under the church and I sneaked several pictures - makes the trip worth my money since it was not discounted for Deaf people and we understood nothing of what the tour guide said about the catacombs.
  • We saw zillions of skulls, bones and rats in the catacombs, the bones and skulls were mixed and crammed into rooms with no names, FrecklesFly and I guessed that they were just poor people who died of the plague and not worthy for Catholic people to remember their names.
  • After the catacombs, we stopped at a store, then headed to the train station to catch our train.
  • We couldn't find our train and asked for help and the people said our train was at another train station!
  • Why didn't the booth person tell us that our train was leaving from another train station, we had less than 30 minutes to rush to the other station across town!
    We got to the other station, just barely too late and missed our train so we were stuck in Austria for another night!
  • We tried to figure out another way to Zagreb, Croatia and stay there for a night, but we ended up being stuck at the Austria-Serbian border in a tiny town - forgot it's name.
  • We slept on the train station bench, which was very uncomfortable, but free!
  • BTW, Happy Birthday America! :)

Amount Spent: 42,22€

Day Thirty-Nine - 04.07.05 - [Wein (Vienna)]
    • We got up, made plans to stop by several places while we had breakfast - the hostel provided good breakfast that had yogourt, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, jam, cheese, and bread.
    • We stopped at the tourist office first to check out the Vienna Card, but we figured that we would not save very much money with it and headed to the Habsburg Palace *will get correct name later*.
    • Headed to a Modern Art gallery, tried to go to the Armour muesum, but it was going to close in one hour so we decided it would not be worth our money.
    • After that, we headed to St. Stephan's church to see if we could go up the tower and see the catacombs full of dead people from the plague but they said the tours were closed because of mass being done that day so we planned on coming the next day.
    • We headed to a vegeterian bar/restaurant, only to find it being closed so we decided to try and find a microbrewery that we saw in our Let'sGo book, but we could not find it and found a nice restaurant that had a vegeterian menu which we could not even understand.
    • I ordered a dish that had some kind of India vegeterian patties, salad, sauktraut and potato salad. The sauktraut and potato were very delicous - they do not taste the same as in North America!
    • Rachel ordered something and it looked like it was breaded fish fillets and salad!
    • After dinner, we headed back and saw a nice cafe with modern furniture, we stopped for a drink and looked at the furniture which still had their price tags, the chairs we were sitting on costed approximately 900Euros!

    Amount Spent: 42,22€

    Day Thirty-Eight- 02.07.05 - [Wein (Vienna)]
      • Arrived in Vienna around 8h and worked on our plan and schedule for the day.
      • The person we planned on meeting in Prague was in Paris so we went to Vienna and changed our route so we would be in Prague when she was in town.
      • We went to an internet cafe to find which hostels were available and found one, tried to reserve rooms but the website would not let us reserve on the same day.
      • We headed to the hostel and hoped they had room that were available for us, they did and gave us a private two bed room for 15Euros.
      • After signing in, we decied to relax in the lobby, read and rest while having our breakfast/lunch.
      • We were ready to go out and explore the city when it was time for dinner. We decided to check out a chinese restaurant, the price was good so we had a good dinner.

      Amount Spent: 71,60Euros

      Day Thirty-Seven- 01.07.05 - [Interlaken -> Brig -> Glacier Express]
        • Got up, ate breakfast and signed out.
        • Decided to try and take the Glacier Express route for free as suggested by my mother.
        • Got to Brig and found out there was no way to go on the route for free, to get to St. Mortiz for free, we had to go through Zurich!
        • We decided that the price of going on the Glacier Express route would be worth the view, for 45CHF, we figured that it would make up for us not going to Zermatt.
        • The view on the route was amazing, lots of beautiful mountains with cows that had those strange BIG bells around their necks!
        • I took as many pictures as I could, but I think taking pictures of the route during the winter time would be more beautiful.
        • We decided not to go to St. Mortiz becuase we saw nothing interesting or important there and took a night train to Vienna.

        Amount Spent: 117,88CHF

        Day Thirty-Six- 31.06.05 - [Interlaken -> Zurich ]
          • Got up early and ate breakfast, then headed to the train station to find out how much it costed to get to Zermatt, it costed 66CHF and FrecklesFly was not willing to choke up 66CHF so we decided to go to Zurich instead.
          • In Zurich, we saw McDonald's and decided to try their VeggieBurger which looked like breaded chicken patties, the veggie patty was very delicous and much colourful than the veggie patties we have in North America!
          • We walked down Bahnhofstrasse, the shopping experince of Zurich! Expensive stores were all over the street and it was decorated with giant teddy bears.
          • We went along the Burkliplatz Pier and along the harbour towards Zurichhorn Park with hopes to see breahtaking views of the alps, however the weather prevented good views with its smog/haze/clouds.
          • We saw the China Garten and the Corbusier-Haus and a sculpture done by an artist at the park too.
          • We walked past the Grossmunster Church; Zurich's most famous landmark, the Fraumunster Church; saw stained glass by Marc Chagall and St. Peter Church; it had the largest clockface in Europe.
          • Got to the train station and headed back to Interlaken.
          • During dinner we saw the two girls we met in Cinque Terre at our hostel and they asked where Buzzair was and was disappointed to find out he had to leave Europe.

          Amount Spent: 20,76CHF

          Day Thirty-Five- 30.06.05 - [Interlaken -> Grindelwald -> Interlaken ]
            • Got up early so we could get up to Jungfrau, the to of Europe.
            • Took the train to Grindelwald and found out that the Eurail Pass did not cover the train trip to Grindelwald and to Jungfrau and it would have cost both of us a total of 259CHF! Too expensive for us.
            • At the same time, we felt it would not be worth the money because the hostel information desk told us not to go up there because the weather was bad up there and would not give us a good view.
            • We decided to walk around Grindelwald to make our trip up to the town worth our money and time. There were nice stores along the main street, a nice big community center with a huge ice rink, swimming pool, sauna, bar, billards, tennis, almost every type of sport you could think of there.
            • We went back to Interlaken, stopped at the grocery store near the West train station for items we needed to make our Switzerland dinner.
            • We made a Ralattche dish, that included: potatoes, ralattche cheese pickles and pickled onions with salad. That dish was very delicous and filled up us well!

            Amount Spent: 57,70CHF

            Day Thirty-Four- 29.06.05 - [Interlaken ]
              • Had breakfast, decided to spend the day relaxing at the beach.
              • Took us a while to find the beach, actually there was no beach, but we had to find a good comfortable rocky spot to get into the water. The water was very clear, blue and cold!
              • Sunbathed after swimming for a while then headed back to our hostel.
              • We tried to find the West train station to see what food the grocery store there had, but it was closed when we got there.
              • We decided to walk along the main street and see what the prices were for Swiss Army knifes since I needed a new one because the one I had was falling apart.
              • We stopped at a pizzeria tht offered delicous vegeterian pizza with lots of toppings for 17,50CHF.
              • Headed back to our hostel and called it a night.

              Amount Spent: 15,10CHF

              Day Thirty-Three - 27.06.05 - [Lake Como -> Interlaken ]

              • After breakfast, we headed to the train station and left Italy and entered Switzerland.
              • It took five hours to get to Interlaken and we found our hostel, Balmer's which was huge and crowded with other travellers.
              • We walked around town to become familar with the town and see what was nearby.
              • Got some bread, lettuce, cheese and wine for dinner and during dinner, we tried some of the local beer - Balmer's offers the cheapest beer in Europe that I have seen so far, two cups for the price of one at 4,50CHF during happy hours between 21h to 22h and the cups are huge!
              • We were worn out and decided to go to bed early, it felt early, but we went to bed at 24h.
              • I also almost forgot to mention Balmer's french fries - they were delicous too, but kind of chewy.

              Amount Spent: 70,43CHF

              Day Thirty-Two - 26.06.05 - [Lake Como ]
                • Got up and had breakfast, and got the prices for the funicolare up to a town in the mountains across fro our hostel.
                • After taking the funicolare, we hiked half way up to a lighthouse on the mountain.
                • Had some snacks before heading back down and we decided to explore the other side of the town.
                • We found a store named "Canadian Nick" that sold outdoor/travelling stuff, but it was closed so we could not explore the store.
                • We headed back to the hostel and decided to try their dinner special for 6,00Euros. We ordered the vegeterian option that came with pasta, tomatoe sauce, fresh ground parmsean cheese, loaf of bread, cup of wine, we chose coke mixed with red wine and canteloupe for dessert.
                • We played UNO before going to bed.

                Amount Spent: 22,75Euros


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