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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen - 10.06.05 [Barcelona -> Nimes]


Day Fifteen - 09.06.05 [Barcelona]


Day Fourteen - 08.06.05 [Barcelona]

  • Arrived in Barcelona at approximately 08:45.
  • A nice guy helped us get around the train station and showed us how to find the metro. We wanted to find out how to get to Nimes (because usually trains require reservations, for those planning to travel in Europe, keep in mind that train reservations are usually required and those reservations have fees to be paid that are not included with the Eurail pass) the guy helped us find the train and helped us find out that we could get on the train for free. He some how negotated with the people to get the cost of the train from €9,00 to €0.00 - that was helpful for us, hopefully we can do that with future reservations.
  • We got a day pass for the metro in Barcelona and rode to the Sun and Moon hostel, hoping that they would have room for the 8th and 9th because we reserved for the 10th and 11th of June. They told us to come back at 13:30.
  • We decided to walk around to kill time, Buzzy found the EasyInternet cafe and wanted to surf the net, FrecklesFly and I decided to walk around town and we ended up seeing the Cathederal in the old Roman Walls of Barcelona.
  • We met Buzzy at the hostel at 13:30 and signed in and got beds for us.
  • We decided to look for Le´Example, but ended up not being able to find so we headed to Sagrada Familia and hoped they would let Deaf people in for free, but we had no luck.
  • Buzzy didn´t want to pay €5,00 to enter the church so we decided to spilt up and meet at the hostel.
  • After Sagrada Familia, FrecklesFly and I headed to Parque Guell and were amazed at the view and design of the park.
  • We headed back to the hostel and met Buzzy, found out that Buzzy was suffering a bad headache.
  • FrecklesFly and I made our dinner - nice thin bread loaf with gouda cheese, lettuce and some sauce that we cannot figure becuase the name is in Spainsh.
  • We decided to head to the bar because we wanted to watch some soccer, first bar we found the beer and wine was expensive and there was no food so we headed back to the bar beside our hostel.
  • Buzzy ordered some tapas and grub, we had a hard time figuring out what was in the grub because Buzzy hated seafood and thought there was seafood, but the waiteress kept on saying it came from pig guts, we gave up on trying to figure what that stuff was.
  • I headed to the vegeterian Greek place near our hostel and ordered Fafel pita and fries with mayo, they were delicous!
  • We called it a night around midnight.

Amount Spent: €TBA

Day Thirteen - 07.06.05 [Salema -> Lagos -> Sevilla]

  • Got up at 07:30 am and got ready and caught the 08:00 bus to Lagos.
  • Arrived at Lagos around 08:30 and spent our time walking around and finding the Rising Cock hostel to drop off our backpacks while we walked around.
  • We stopped for snacks and ended up meeting a Deaf guy named Valier who lived in Lagos and owned his web-based company.
  • On our way back to the bus station, we met some Canadian and Australian women that we met on the train from Madrid via Lisbon and Lisbon via Lagos and found out they were headed to Salema on the same bus we were riding!
  • The bus left Lagos at 13:45 and got to Seville at 20:00, we hurried to the train station.
  • We met a Deaf girl at the station while we were in line to get our reservation tickets and caught the 22:30 train to Barcelona.

Amount Spent: €92,38 (including €50,00 room and board)

Day Twelve - 06.06.05 [Salema]

  • We woke up at around 10 and Buzzy told us he was going to the pizza place to eat lunch so we got ready for the day and met up with Buzzy at the pizza place.
  • The pizza was delicous and we learned to love oil mixed with vinegar with our bread and pizza since we got to Salema! (there were flies in the vinegar at the pizza place, but that didn´t stop us from eating our food)
  • We headed back to the beach and relaxed there all afternoon until around 1700, Frecklesfly and I went to look for bus information so we knew how to get back to Lagos the next morning.
  • We headed back home and did our laundry, Frecklesfly started sewing my Canadian flag on to my backpack (thanks to her!).
  • We had wine and sandwich of apricot jam and cheese and then went to bed.

Amount Spent: €7,61

Day Eleven - 05.06.05 [Salema]

  • We got up at approximately 11:00 and had bread and jam before meeting up with Buzzy at the beach.
  • We went for a swim and relaxed on the beach and walked along the coast.
  • At 14:00 we met Sarah, the British woman we meat at the bar and went to her parents villa for the afternoon.
  • Her parents´villa was awesome, it was located at the top of a hill with an awesome view across the town and coast! There was also a pool there and it was nice to swim in too!
  • We played two games of scrambles, Buzzy won the first game and the second game was men against women and we finished the game with no actual winner.
  • We were out of vodka and beer so Buzzy and Sarah went to the store to get more.
  • Later Sarah grilled huge shrimps on the bbq and had pizza and salad to go with the shrimps. I decided to eat the shrimps and pizza that had ham on it instead of telling her that I was a vegeterian becuase I didn´t want her to go out of the way to change her food.
  • After dinner, we had a few more drinks, chatted a bit more, Buzzy and Sarah went swimming again before we all headed back to our zimmer.
  • We had fun walking back to our zimmer!

Amount Spent: €9,60

Day Ten - 04.06.05 [Lisbona -> Lagos -> Salema]

  • Arrived in Lisbona at approx 10:00 and found out our train to Lagos would leave at 13:20.
  • We decided to kill time by buying day passes for the metro and have a quick look around the city.
  • We decided to go to Castilo san de Jorge, we had to climb up 192 stair steps to get up to the castle!
  • We headed back and found out that reservations were required for the day train and barely made it for 13:20!
  • Rode on the train to Lagos, arrived there at around 17:00 and decided to fack Lagos because it was too touristic, too many Americanized places (note: McDonalds sells pitas in Portgual).
  • We found a bus to Salema, a small town of about 2,500 people 30 minutes west of Lagos.
  • We found a Zimmer and the old lady was nice, we agreed to pay 15€ per person for each night and the place was right on the beach with a beautiful view!
  • After settling in, we went out to O´Barco for dinner, they had great food and drinks, we met some English people there and had a good time.
  • After dinner, we headed to look for a bar, we found a bar that was very DEAD with the barman and one lady.
  • We decided to enter the bar and ended up bringing life to the bar and got several free shots!
  • The barman knew how to make good shots, one tasted sweet, like cake or ice cream!
  • The lady turned out to be from England and her parents had a villa in Salema and she invited us over the next day!
  • We had plenty to drink so we decided to call it a night.

Amount Spent: €106.75

Till later,



marathonbabe said...

hey mike-- could you contact me at tammy@tmo.blackberry.net asap? everyone is worried sick about matthew and since you're with him, you could tell how he is. from what he explained to me via emails, he is definitely down with something. leaving it untreated isn't the best move. please do keep an eye on him and see that he gets medical help. thanks!

marathonbabe said...

never mind, i think he's getting better. that's a relief, tho. if anything, you know how to reach me. Enjoy your journey.. Been reading your posts. Nice details :)

oneninefive said...

Buzzair is ok, he got out of the hospital and got treated so everyone who is concerned about him can relax, he is probably on his way to cinque terre (frecklesfly and i decided to go to Marsilles for two nights and meet up with Buzzair in Cinque Terre).