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Monday, June 13, 2005

Day Twenty

Day Nineteen - 13,06,05 [Marsilles]

  • Woke up at 7h15 to grab some breakfast - included with the hostel and was delicious (bread, jam, hot chocolate with coffee, and orange juice)
  • Relaxed and read our books until a little bit before noon, got ready to see the city.
  • Checked out train schedules for leaving Marsilles.
  • Headed to Notre Dame de Lagarde, then to Abbaye St Victor, tried to get into Fort Saint Nicholas, but couldn't find the enterance.
  • We decided to head to the other side of the harbour to try and find the memorial from the Nazis occupation of Marsilles, but couldn't find anything so we walked around Fort Saint Jean.
  • Now here I am at the internet cafe, after the cafe we will look for a vegeterian restaurant that was mentioned in Let's Go.

Amount Spent: €49.70

Day Eighteen - 12,06,05 [Nimes -> Marsilles]
  • Got up, Buzzair was not back from the hostpital so we decided to make it a slow morning.
  • By the time we were ready to leave the hostel, we decided to check email and let Buzzair know we will stop by the hospital.
  • We got to the bus stop and found out that the bus system was very very lousy on Sundays so we decided to try to walk to the next bus stop and hopefully the bus would arrive, but we got there and still had plenty of time so we decided to walk to the next bus stop for the bus we were supposed to transfer to (we walked about 1/2 way to the hospital from the hostel).
  • We finally caught a bus to the hospital and figured out where to meet Buzzair.
  • He was ready to leave and we realized we should have brought his backpack for him, however we decided to spilt up - Buzzair would stay in Nimes while FrecklesFly and I headed to Marsilles.
  • We figured out the time schedule for the train to Marsilles and it took us almost one hour to get there.
  • We took the metro to the bus stop that would take us to the hostel, getting to the hostel we paid and got into our room and had dinner.
  • We decided to go for a walk on the beach near our hostel and looked for a store that sold drinks and we found a store that sold good fruit juice and another that sold beer.
  • I bought some 1886 beer and one can of 11.6% Amsterdam beer to warm myself up for Amsterdam.
  • Got back, had our beer (the beverage FrecklesFly got tasted like Ouzo mixed with water) and had some fries.
  • We decided to go back to our room and read a littlebit before calling it a night.

Amount Spent: €26.80

Day Seventeen - 11,06,05 [Nimes]
  • We got up at around 9h30 and got ready for the day.
  • We headed to the train station to figure out how to get to Pont du Gare, figured we had to take a bus out there at the price of €9,90 round trip.
  • Got there and hiked down to see the structure, amazing view and saw people swimming and diving into the river that flowed under the old aquaduct.
  • Had lunch then headed back to get on the bus, found out that the bus syste, was crappy - it was 16h45 and the next bus came at 18h45, but did not come to pick us up where it dropped us off, we had to walk one kilometer to get to the pick-up stop.
  • Bus picked us up after a two-hour wait!
  • Got back, Buzzair was not feeling good so he decided to go to the hospital while we headed back to the hostel.
  • Stopped to get bread and veggies for dinner, but ended up having fries and goat cheese salad at the hostel along with beer and wine.
  • By 22h we started wondering why Buzzair had not gotten back so we checked our email and found out he was at the hospital getting blood tests, the hostel staff called the hospital and said the hospital would call back with the blood test results.
  • We went to bed and approximately 1h later the staff came in and said Buzzair would be spending the nite in the hospital.
Amount Spent: €15.70


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lore said...

glad youre having a stimulating summer! :)

yay, I dont need to do any research when I visit Europe again -i'll just im you for all the info:)

hi to rachy:)