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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Am back... I am still recovering from the most fucked up elections I have ever seen. I sure hope my recovering period does not take too long or I will start wondering if I got the "Fucked Election Disorder".

Is it very funny how the world leaders have put on a phony face and congratulated George F. Bush for winning the election, I yawn and roll my eyes because I know deep inside them they are wishing America good luck.

I like this quote, this quote really applies to everyone who is not an American, it should have been the opposite - Americans should have not been allowed to vote while the international community voted
George F. Bush out of office.

"Why does the U.S. election draw significant international attention? Because the result affects more than just the citizens of the U.S., but the rest of the world must look on helplessly."

Paul O'Shaughnessy | Vancouver
| www.cbc.ca/news/

Anyways, this weekend I will be going to my strong and true country, Canada for a volleyball tournament so I'll be glad to get out of here for a weekend.

I probably will not post anything while I am 5 forward S, so have a good weekend doing whatever you do this weekend.


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lore said...

and you got your ass whipped.

just kidding. it was a good hot game.