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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


The past few hours has been one of my most digusting period in America!

Watching American people vote for George F. Bush giving him leads during the 2004 election made me sick to the stomach and made me almost puke several times, forcing me to go to bed so I would not continue to be sick.

Is it me or is it America that is fucked up? John F. Kerry was clearly the best candidate for America's president (for now...) The world has spoken, the majority have made a very clear decision with the majority in favor of John F. Kerry, yet America had a very hard time choosing their president (what the hell)!

I wonder how anyone would want to be the president of the United States now, whether George F. Bush or John F. Kerry wins, it would be sickening to know that approximately 50% of the people in America hates whoever wins the election!

At least, the people have spoken, it seems clear that George F. Bush won (thanks to the ignorant Ohio people) Osama bin Laden will continue to have reasons to attack America, drain money from America's pocket, and continue to instill fear into Americans.

I bid America good luck for the next four years....


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