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Monday, November 08, 2004


I am back. . .

My weekend was worthy - got drunk Friday night, but had a good time and went to bed at five am, got up at seven am still buzzed, got lost on the way to the school where the volleyball tournament was being hosted at and ended up getting pissed at being lost and driving over a curb.

After driving over the curb, had no problems finding the school - guess that whenever you are lost, just drive over the curb and if your car does not break down, you will find your way. :)

The tournament started out playing against GRAD B - I was still recovering from last night and the players on LCD still needed to get used to playing together. We lost both games against GRAD B.

Through the day, LCD got better, we won all our games and at the end we were in the semi-finals and had to play against DBA. DBA had players who used to be on the Canadian Olympic team so I think we were not confident with our team, but after we won the first game, we were more confident. We lost our second game, but came back to win the 3rd game.

GRAD B made it through the semi-finals so we played each other for the championship game and LCD lost, but ending up in second place is what made my weekend worthy.

Had a good time during dinner and ended up going to the social night and enjoyed myself more than I really anticipated, after that went to 191's home and met others who would be going back to Rochester.

We left at approximately 2:30 am and just as we got on the QEW and started accelerating, my tire went flat (guess the trade-off for finding my way after hitting the curb means losing a tire on the highway) and had to use my temporary tire. I decided to drive all the way back to Rochester and hope that the spare tire would carry me back to Rochester.

As I was getting off the exit in Rochester, my spare tire blew up so I had to use the spare tire in the other car.

Got back home at approximately 6:30 am, slept till noon and spent Sunday afternoon getting my tires replaced (they needed to be replaced anyways).

Today back at school and got to admit I am finally getting tired of having to do school work and study for exams.

Got an email from my father, he was checking to make sure I really wanted to go to Cuba for Christmas - I simply replied saying that I wanted to go to avoid celebrating Jesus's goddamn birthday.

The good thing about today was it finally snowed! I sure hope this winter will be loaded with tons of snow.


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