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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time For Too Much Change?

I am very glad Barrack Hussein Obama has been elected as Bush's successor in the White House. I have to admit that I would prefer him to be Canada's Prime Minister instead of Stephen Harper. Canada is too full of old folks who want to run the country that lack new and creative ideas.

One of Obama's first executive orders is supposed to be closing the Gitmo Contentration Camp in Cuba. He has so many ideas and a huge burden to bear that were inherited from George F. Bush's (and the Americans' who voted for him) amazing failures.

I was shocked to read the news that along with Obama's motto of "Change can happen", one of his proposed plans is to change the design of the United States' flag.

What do you think of his ambitious idea of changing the United States flag? Other than that flag design, I believe he will be one of the greatest presidents and is who Americans need to guide the United States during this period of uncertainty.


proudpetite said...

I believe in changes and change is good but changing the flag? That's like a cosmetic surgery of a USA face in accordance to the skin colour.

TallWolf said...

USA FLAG change? NEVER!!!!!