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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jews = Nazis!

Let's rally for the Hamas' Victory over Israel!  After Israel's actions during the last three weeks, I am convinced Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declaration of "Israel should be wiped off the map".

Hammas was elected as the leader in a democratic election in 2006, yet the United States disagrees that they are the legitimate leader of Palestine.  Imagine that Gaza has 1.5 million people, the most densely populated place on Earth and they have rudimentary made weapons that terrorize Israel who has the most advanced army in the world and is supplied with United States made weapons.

This is truly a David vs. Golitah war which Hammas shall win.

Death to Israel!  Time for us to wipe the wash cloth over Israel and wipe it off the map!


proudpetite said...

I saw in the newspaper: the headline alone and didn't bother to read furthermore at that time but it did state something like how Canada was the only one country in the UN that voted not to support Hammas (or was it the vote to support Hammas)?

oneninefive said...

Canada obviously does not support Hammas since Hammas is internationally recognized as a terrorist group, not a legitimate government.

I am not sure what Canada's stance was on the recent Israeli bombardment.

I know people in Canada were protesting that the Canadian government was not making a clear stand on what Israel should be doing.

The bombardment on Gaza strip has not weaken Hammas and I think it may have strengthen their support by increasing resentment among ordinary civilians living in Gaza against Israel.

The Jews learned nothing from their own holocaust experience.

Pamela said...

Wow I am really insulted by this posting.