Will the year 2007
    be a great year?


Friday, July 25, 2008

California: Day 6

Ate breakfast, walked to saloon for Frecklesfly to get her hair trimmed. Stopped at Circuit City to get DVD-RWs and get Frecklesfly then headed to the airport to pick up Buzzair and his wife.

Then went to dine at In Out, they have a limited menu, cheap burgers and fries, probably a lot cheaper than McDonald's! Wonder if they even use unreal meat.

Went to hotel to drop their luggage and the girls before meeting other men at tuxedo place. Left Santa Monica at approximately 3:30. Took us 3 hours to drive 87 miles for Xff's bachelor party.

Wind Tunnel was aweome - nice to see what the men will look like with wrinkles. Went to the local bar, beer and mixed drinks were cheap. We headed to another place for dinner and more drinks - Xff had a tequila shot from Reid. He looked like he was going to puke! After dinner, we had to face the grim reality of driving 70 miles back to our hotel.

We got back and discovered Frecklesfly and Christine made their own cards and were playing card games. We ended up playing a game before hitting the sack at three in the morning.

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lore said...

they used real, fresh meat!!! it's cheap because they dont have as many restaurants as mcds. they have veggie burgers and animal style but ud have to ask for it.

i heart in and out!

btw it wass so great to see u and rachy!!