Will the year 2007
    be a great year?


Saturday, July 26, 2008

California: Day 7

Got up and had breakfast then we got ready to vo to Venice beach. Spent. Most of the time walking along the beach looking at stores. Saw a man making woodburning art using a maginfying glass and the sun to do his art. Another guy was selling sewing art, his sewing machine was hooked up to a solar pannel and ran purely on solar power.

We headed back to the hotel and checked out the pool. Decided the pool was a good place to relax so relaxed there until Buzzair and Christine had to depart for the wedding rehersal.

Tallwolf was worn out and got a lot of sun, so we rested for a short while and went out to a sushi place. Prices looked good, but ended up with small quanity of sushi so we were still hungry, but let it go. Went to hotel and waited for the rehersal dinner gang to be ready for the public.

Headed over and had drinks, got free shooter from the bartender that was water mellon juice mixed with some booze. That made buzzair puke (he he ing). Had a lot to drink and later on shots of jagermister and sambuca.

Headed back to hotel and ended up wrestling until I was too tired to remember much.

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