Will the year 2007
    be a great year?


Thursday, July 12, 2007


Finally a post in a long time! I am rarely on the computer nowdays - busy with work, brewing, and errands. Sorry for not checking your blogs - I try to check them, but rarely spend more than 30 minutes on the computer per day now.

What's up with me? Same old job at Cold Springs Farm - but getting promoted to better paying position and becoming a full fledged union member.

Celebrated July 1 with a bunch of friends, played Kubb - a Swedish outdoor game, swam and had a fire in the new fire pit.

My Sunfire finally needed a major repair job - ironically it was not the engine, my ignition cylinder was worn out and finally fell apart. It needed to be drilled out. The price... almost CAD$800.00!

For those who wanna learn how to brew beer, I will be brewing a basic recipe for an ale named Parker's Amber Ale. An American version of the British Classic Bitter Ales. If you are interested, I will be brewing it on July 21 or 22 and bottling it on July 28 or 29 - depending on which day the majority of people confirm they can attend.

Hope summer life is great for you all!


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