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Monday, June 04, 2007

Crossing the Can-Am border:

Forwarded to me from my father - thought that was interesting...

Please pass this on to as many Canadian as you know. We need to get
The word out!!!!!!!!!!!!

FRIENDS THAT DO - A Warning to Cross Border Shoppers

A lady was driving back from shopping on Eureka Road with her
Sister and children, and noticed that the same car had been following
Them for a while. The car continued to follow them all the way back
To the bridge, and even queued up behind them in line for Customs.

Luckily, she was on the ball. When she pulled up to the customs
officer she mentioned to them that the car behind them had Been
following them the entire trip from the shopping mall. The Clerk
told her that she was going to have them pull in for inspection, and
that she was going to pull this other car in as well.

So here's the deal. When the inspectors looked in and around Her
car, they found that drugs had been stuffed into the undercarriage.

The inspectors told her that this is happening more often. The Drug
dealers find a vehicle with Ontario plates parked at the mall, They
stash the drugs and stake out the vehicle. They follow the car
across the border and retrieve the drugs as soon as the car is left
alone. If the car is stopped at the border, it's someone else who is
arrested. This is not a joke. Please pass this on to anyone you feel
will benefit.

Rick Bertok #7174 Constable

Community Patrol Branch

Chatham-Kent Police Service

436-6600 ext.87174


proudpetite said...

Thanks for posting this. I sure will keep this in mind when I cross the border in two weeks.

By the way, Chatham-Kent is where my family is. I shall notify them because they do cross the border at times.

Charminglamb said...

This story is an urban legend that is not true: http://www.snopes.com/crime/warnings/border.asp

Buzzair said...

I read the snopes...I thought they made a good point by saying not every car in the mall with Ontario plates is heading back to Ontario. They could be driving down to Florida! lol

Or Ontario students...driving back to RIT!

Imagine when you go to change your oil and find 20K worth of cocaine stuffed in the undercarriage? lol

Luke Morrison said...
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Luke Morrison said...

I called that the number in the hoax just to see. Someone must not like Constable Rick Bertok.

Constable Rick Bertok #7174
Community Patrol Branch
Chatham-Kent Police Service
Chatham, Ontario

1-519- 436-XXXX ext. XXXXXX

His voice mail say that this is a hoax and to please delete it. The guys going to have to change his phone number...