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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Bonfire:

On Friday I went over to FrecklesFly's parents place to have our American Thanksgiving dinner. We stopped at Wegman's to pick up some last minute ingredients for her mother and just as we were turning into the street that took us to her parents house, we noticed a column of black smoke.

Our first impression was is someone having a fire? The column was too black and thick to come from a fireplace so we kept on looking and we finally got a glimpse of what was burning... a house! Our first time to witness a working fire! We drove past the house and there were several people walking around the house, apparently the people who lived there were not home and those people were trying to do something to stop the fire, but all they could do was stand helplessly and watch the fire burn. The fire department was probably being notified of the fire as we were passing by because there was no firemen around yet.

We went to her parents home and told her sister and brother, they were kind of "ha, you're making that up" but once they looked out and saw the black column, her brother and sister-in-law grabbed the dogs and ran out for a walk. We forgot sour cream so we had to drive back to the store so we had more sightings of the fire, by that time the streets were clogged with fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, and other EMS vehicles.

Got back from the store and decided to walk up to the house and meet her brother and sister-in-law. It looks like the fire started in one of the bedrooms and completely destroyed that room and part of the roof. It was amazing at how fast the fire spread and how pure the flames were! While this was my first time to see a house engulfed in flames, but wonder how those people feel about arriving home and the shock they will have.

Working Fire:
Henrietta Firefighters responded for a house fire this afternoon on Elk River Rd. 640 was on location with heavy fire from the second floor of a 2 1/2. A working fire was declared and West Brighton provided a fill in company. Photos, Audio. (Updated November 24, 3:00 PM)

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