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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Poker: Shuffling Cards

During the weekend I ended up playing a lot of poker with my buddies who came over to watch the Grey Cup.

I am not an expert with Poker and Texas Hold 'em and I probably played more games than I ever played combined prior to 06.11.17.

One problem we came with was when a player was short of the required minimum wager (set by the little and big blind). For example if the big blind was 32 tokens and a player had 15 tokens left, did he have to leave the game or could he gamble with what he had left?

I decided to look that up on the internet and could not find any specific debate on that question. While I was searching, I decided to look at shuffling cards. I found that it was interesting that it was standard for poker players to shuffle the playing card in this order:

"A typical sequence between hands of poker, for example, is a wash, two riffles, a strip, a third riffle, and a cut, which an experienced dealer can accomplish in as little as five seconds." [Source: Wikipedia]
Anyways, I sure hope I do not become a compulsive gambler after that weekend, but it was fun to be able to play frequently with lower wagers instead of playing once with a higher wager.

On another note, I was rooting for Alouettes so it sucks that the Lions won.


Anonymous said...

No that person does not have to fold...if they want to stay in and can't cover the blind, they have to go "all-in"

Anonymous said...

Buzz's right, also if the player have to pay for the low/high blind, they are forced to play and go all-in.

I sure miss playing Texas Hold 'em!

lore said...

I sure like to learn how to play. I got a full house once with Tyler without acknowledging it heh.

MACanadian227 said...

Make sense like what buzzair and xff said, correctly. "FORCE TO PLAY AND GO ALL-IN"