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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Good things brewing... Fortified Beer

Today I bottled my first pure batch of home brew.  Hopefully the beer will taste like real beer because it was my first time to use dried malt instead of dextrose.

The ABV should be approximately 3.5 to 3.8% and according to Beer Math Calculator, one pint should be approximately 250 calories.

Another thing...  while I was looking for bottles to use to bottle my beer, I found a box of my father's old beer bottles so I decided to pick up that box and it was heavy.  I was baffled at why it was heavy so I dug in and found several bottles that still had beer!

If I remember things correctly, I used those bottles to make my first three batches and if I am correct that was sometime during the summer of 1998 or 1999!  Decided to buff a bottle and crack it open, the bottle felt soft so I knew it would not be carbonated.

Poured one litre of beer into my bottle, took a good glup, let the beer sit on my tongue for a few seconds.  Studied the flavor and smell.  It smelled exactly like my first batch - sour and and sweet.  The taste was pretty different.  It tasted tangy and felt like was strong, but did not feel the correct burning sensation you have when you drink beverages that are high in alcoholic content.

First thought I had once all that sampling was done was that it tasted like beer that was fortified with vodka.  Finished bottling my beer and there was about 125 ml of netural beer so mixed it with that 98/99 beer.  Tastes a little bit better.

Now time to enjoy some unique brew.


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FrecklesFly said...

Ancient beer! :) am curious now hehe cuz I haven't saw any beer that's left sitting that long!