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Monday, October 30, 2006


Finally the protests over Gayaudet's 9th president have ended after Ferandes' presidental appointment was terminated. This post is not to say I support or disagree with what the Deaf community did to get rid of Fernandes. If the support against the Board of Trustee's decision to hire Fernandes was literally seen all over the world, I wonder why it took the Board of Trustees more than five or six months to finally review their selection.

The Board of Trustees are supposed to look out for the University's stakeholders' interests. The stakeholders of Gayaudet were the students, parents, faculties, alumni and the overall Deaf community (and maybe those who have made financial contribution to the University), not Jane K. Fernandes or I. King Jordan! The Board of Trustees failed to act quickly when it was clear Fernandes and Jordan could not solve the problem.

Now, as a friend pointed out... we have to see what happens next. According to the Washington Post, the students who violated University policies and the law will be dealt with and the search for the 10th president is on. Will the consequences that the students face be fair? Will everyone be satisfied with the next person the Board of Trustee chooses to fill Fernandes' void?

Let us see now things go and whether Jane gets hired at another University (and how she fares there). All this makes me wonder if for many presidents to come, will protests become a regular occurrence at Gayaudet?


Anonymous said...

Knowing u, Mike :) I'm not that surprised u came up with this term: Gayaudet.

May I ask u to humour your audience some more on why you coined this term? You have something against the University other than their BoT?

oneninefive said...

I will wait for my friend who did extensive research to explain the full history of how "Gayaudet" evolved into present day "Gallaudet".

It has nothing to do with the term "gay" in case you thought I was thinking that way. :)

lore said...

Im surprised you said you were neutral because the term "Gayaudet" made me htink that you were kinda against this whole protest.

so elaborate please:)

Anonymous said...

hmm...I think I remember this....

didn't it have something to do with the LL at Gallaudet's sign being damaged?

The LL broke and moved together to form a Y.

Brandon said...

buzzy you've got the story backwards :)

Tammy if you want to know the origins of "Gayaudet" come and see me tell it in ASL version (the better version) this weekend :p


MACanadian227 said...

"Let us see now things go and whether Jane gets hired at another University (and how she fares there)."

What if Jane Fernandes will be interesting to be candadiate for RIT President since Al Simone will be retiring next year 2007. What is your opinion what Jane's vision or version will be toward to the RIT campus?????

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'm curious what you, Brandon, have to say about the origin of this term, Gayaduet, in ASL version, whether it's factual or a playful invention by you guys. I wouldn't be able to see you this weekend since I'm not going but soon, I hope when we bump into each other :)

Btw, I agree with Lore... the way you, Mike, said it and then not elaborating on your own behalf...surely creates an image of you being against Gallaudet but I will wait and see what Brandon has to say.