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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Doing this because I care about my friends...

Just in case some of you have not seen the news, Maple Leaf Foods (website with details) has recalled some of their meat products after they found some possible evidence that their employees tampered with their meat products.


Luxor said...

yeah yu are right about that .. I already read it today and on news show on tv too..it's sad to hear it was from canada oh damn

Anonymous said...

Laing...I know you're a vegetarian but you didn't have to take it that far. :)

FrecklesFly said...

Dam...is that same kind of company that you worked for temp?

oneninefive said...

Luxor - yeah sucks it happens in Canada, but it is proof Canada puts health safety ahead of profits compared to the corporations in the United States.

Buzzair - Had to take it that far because I do not want to see any of my friends get sick or hurt, besides that could have been happening to a processing plant where they process vegetarian burgers or hot dogs. :)

FrecklesFly - Already answered you, but am sure others might wonder what the answer is... No, I worked for Cold Springs Farm, but CSF had a contract with Maple Leaf Food to process turkeys for them.

Anonymous said...

What I meant was....it was YOU who did it. :) YOu had to sabatoge the meat cause you're a veggie head