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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Got in touch with an awesome guy that I met during my first year at RIT.  We had tons of fun being mischievous guys while living in Tower A.

Several fond memories I have with him are the time when we got together and taped some black and white print-outs of porn photos all over another friend's roommate who was a mormon and getting the RA (who came from my high school) pissed off.

Clogging up his shower drain and flooding up the North-East corner of Tower A 2nd floor while he was gone for the weekend.  I never told him I did it until after a bunch of residents had to meet with our Resident Director and saw how mad he was when it seemed like the RD was eyeballing me.  Eventually I told him and we had a good laugh!

Remembering the roasted cat in the oven, way before they decided to remove all the stoves in Tower A, the roasted cat story was sure a shock to us when people started making up rumours about what happened on the 3rd or 4th floor kitchenette.

Anyways, here is his article - good one for those who are audism.


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