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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ah Chuan...

Last week, I finally got a chance to get a lot of applications out for job openings that I believe matched my business degree and got a chance to go to London, see several friends and got a chance to get an aqarium heater.

I have been keeping myself busy by brewing my next two batches of beer.  The first batch is supposed to be the cheapest batch I have ever made, but based on my initial observation the fermenating brew does not look like the other batches I made.  It is supposed to be dry ale, according to the type of sugar I used.

This afternoon I plan to brew better quality beer.  This Special Ale is going to be my first beer made without sugar and in place of sugar I am using a combination of Dark Dry Malt and Medium Dry Malt.

My parents left for Cuba this morning so I am stuck most of the week dog sitting Hamish.

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TallWolf said...

You can always use your dog as a testing animal for your homemade beer. Just don't let the PETA find out. Good luck with the job searching. Have you thought about doing an internship for Disney down in Florida. Business Week rated their internship one of the best to get into. It would make your resume look good.