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Friday, August 11, 2006

Last Day of Exploring New York City:

Lexington - random hallway

Connie's office entrance

Connie's Social Worker Desk

External view of Lexington
Another external view of Lexington

This tree looks like it is going to fall onto Lexington

The "entrance" view from the back of Bulova's Corporate Centre reminds me of Auschwitz

Possibly my last view of Times Square until next time I am in New York

Facts about the USS Intrepid

Eastward view on the deck of USS Intrepid

View of the Concorde

Starboard view 1 (photo sitch failed)

Starboard view 2 (photo sitch failed)

Starboard view 3 (photo sitch failed)
Starboard view 4 (photo sitch failed)

Port view 1 (photo sitch failed)

Port view 2 (photo sitch failed)

View of the deck from the commander deck

Inside the Concorde

Pliot space of the Concorde

Concorde close-up 1 (photo sitch failed)

Concorde close-up 1 (photo sitch failed)

Some trash from the destroyed World Trading Centre

View of downtown as gloomy clouds crept towards New York City

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