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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A day of Wandering...

Today I planned on going to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, but ended up deciding to go to the Bodies... The Exhibition instead. The exhibition was very interesting, a lot of visual details of dead people and their bodies. I think the most interesting thing I learned there was that bones are four times stronger than steel and if all the mineral was removed from the bone; you would be able to tie a knot with the bone. It took me approximately two hours to fully view the exhibition; I was a little disappointed because I was expecting more out of it since the fee was USD$24.50 (no discounts for Deaf people).

After the exhibition, I stopped by 111 Wall Street to have lunch with two former co-workers before heading to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Once I arrived, realized there was a long line-up and I wanted to get out of the museum by 16:30 so I felt it was not worth lining up to get in.
On the way home, I had the opportunity to witness a crime scene of New York City being investigated! I have no idea what happened there, but the dectives were taking notes around the scene, all I could see was this cart and nice looking car within the "crime scene" pertimeter.

Back home, I got ready to jog and jogged a good 3 or 3.5 miles before meeting up with Connie and Debra for our last dinner together. We went to Mama Mexico the food was very delicous, they made great homemade guacamole right at our table and the Cactus Pear margarita was perfect (for me, Debra and Connie's margarita orders got mixed up) too! After that went to one of Connie's friend's place for some ice cream.

Thanks to Connie for loaning her camera to me so I can do some last photo jouralism in New York City.


TallWolf said...

Farewell Big Apple. What's your plans? Any luck finding a second internship?

Luxor said...
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Luxor said...

cuz are you Done in new york for now ?? what your next plann is .. Europe? or Dubai ? some new experience..

FrecklesFly said...

Hong Kong?... or btr, more closer to home...London, England :D

TallWolf said...

Speaking of a crime scene, we didn't see one in Cuba, didn't we? ;-)

mplaing said...

Tallwolf - my next plan is to move back to Canada, keep on looking for another job. Citigroup is contacting Citigroup Canada HR to see if there is any possibilities for me to transfer to one of their locations in Toronto or London. In the meanwhile I saw two posts for jobs at NTID, am gonna give it a try after all NTID is located in the Deaf Capital of the USA.

Luxor - Dubai looks good, but I think Beriut looks more interesting. I might join the Hezbollahs for one day to gain new experince. :)

FrecklesFly - Hong Kong would be fun, we've been to London, UK. Why not shoot for Hong Kong after all that's what Hell's Kitchen's abbrevations stand for.

Tallwolf - That is correct, we did not see any crime scene, except for a crime in progress [ the woman looking for a blow job to earn money on the beach (; ]. No crime scene in Cuba, maybe Cuba is a better place to live in? Unfortunately with Castro's reign coming to an end, I fear there will be a lot of corpses showing up when the United States decide to Shock and Awe the Cubans with their missiles and warfare technology like they did in Iraq!

Luxor said...

I would go to Dubai for once like work there . I know this city is sooo beauitful place to live and rich like peaceful and friendly ppl there