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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Days of McDonald Takeover?

The news of Raul Castro being handed the reins of Cuba has overcome the United States media today. Is the end of socialism in Cuba coming?

Raul Castro is known to be more laid back and capable to connect with the people than Fidel according to CNN. However when it comes to military control, he is a more hard liner than Fidel, the only con about Raul is that he is only five years younger than Fidel.

The Government of the United States probably has it eyes wide open, looking for an opportunity to instill turmoil in Cuba. Let's see how Raul Castro can withstand America's game plan.

I see several possible political strategies that Bush may consider.

Sceneario 1: Proceed with the "USD$80m Freedom Package", if his plan succeeds; I do not think democracy and capitalism will gain popularity immediately and those wealthy Cubans living in Florids may end up alienating the poor Cubans making them believe life was better under Castro. The problem would be that they would not really know how to fight against American Imperialism and eventually McDonald's would take control of Cuba.

Sceneario 2: Proceed with the "USD$80m Freedom Package" knowing it is already set for failure, only to make the Republic Party look like they were committed to freeing Cubans from socialism, but failed only to maintain an election advantage in Florida. This would ensure there is no takeover in Cuba by McDonald's.

With the future of Cuba uncertain, it is a good bet you should take the opportunity to visit Cuba as it is right now to enjoy a nice retreat before the first McDonalds begin popping up in Cuba.

Too many Americans have been brainwashed by the American Government and their wealthy Anti-Castro exiles living in Florida. They are just bitter with Castro because they lost their wealth when Castro did something to help the poor Cubans who suffered from the wealthy Americans and Cubans who exploited them.

Yoy may ask "Why do Cubans try to flee Cuba?". There are many reasons, but I think the main reason why they do this is because of America's embargo against Cuba - creating unnecessary economic hardship (it was designed to create an uprising against Castro, but backfired by encouraging Cubans to migrate to Florida).

FrecklesFly - if we do not have enough money to go to Madrid in 2oo7, let's go to Cuba instead (approx CAD$500 for 2 weeks, all inclusive during the summer). (:


FrecklesFly said...

Hmmm thats a thought :D

Luxor said...

yeah..I already read that one on yahoo news ... i am suprise that Raul Castro is 75 years old beside of brother.. it's look like their family must follow their rule in cuba . or i am might wrong ?

Luxor said...

sometime I read about cuba news there is websties if yu are interest to read about cuba news there is http://news.yahoo.com/fc/world/cuba

Buzzair said...

Just give Raul an exploding cigar, maybe it'll work on him.

Luxor said...

I'm shock on CNN news tv that. MIAMI and FLA have a hugh party last night. they know for sure that Fidel Castro is dead. many cubans are so happy to see him in dead peaceful. cubans in MIAMI know for sure becasue they didn't show Fidel Castro on news tv said that they are go to give to Rual castro to become President..Cubans ppl will have to wait until AUG 13th to see if Fidel Castro is still alive for his birthday party if he didn;t come up that mean "Fidel Castro" is dead. hopefully it not truth hope he still alive .

oneninefive said...

FrecklesFly - Great, let's get started on our Cuba Trip Plans! (:

Buzzair - fuck you, I would prefer to give an exploding steak to George F. Bush than an exploding cigar to Raul! Better to preserve Cuba than have an Americanized Cuba!

Luxor - Yes, Castro is getting old and his brother will take over. I know I read some where the third person in line to command Cuba is not a family member, I have been trying to find that information, but the internet is flooded with dumb fucks who are excited that Castro may have died (the idea probably started from those retarded rich Cubans living in exile complaining about their lost property).

Hopefuly Bush orders an atomic bomb to be dropped over Havana, but an idiotic Air Force pilot accidently drops the atomic bomb on to Little Havana and ends the party immediately. (: