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Monday, July 24, 2006

Miss Universe:

I did not watch the whole Miss Universe, but found out that the winner last year came from London, Ontario! Interesting eh?

Any ways, the reason why I am doing a post about last night's Miss Universe is because more than one contestant came from the United States, thus increasing America's chance of winning.

The second contestant participated under the decoy of Puerto Rico. Since Puerto Rico is part of the United States as an American territory, I strongly oppose the idea of allowing more than one contestant from one country participating in the competition.

Since this is allowed, I hope Canada sends four contestants next year since Canada has three territories. If you think my post is targeting America, do not think that way, I would have made this post if it was another country sending more than one contestant.


Buzzair said...

Did ya hear that she passed out right after she won? lol

Probably has anorexia or something

lore said...
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lore said...
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lore said...

Oh come on... Puerto Rico is its own country, has its own language, political system, etc - why cant she participate?

It's like you're saying Canada and Australia cannot participate because they're under UK's Commonwealth law.

TallWolf said...

I personally do think she has an anoxeria problem. She's a goddamn skinny. A bad role model for the girls. PR is a little poor country and still beat big nations that have the dough to do plastic sugeries! Incredible! Either she sleeps with rich men or she is from a rich family. I ll leave that up to you guys to decide. I am under the SF Bay as of this moment, BART.

Buzzair said...

Finally decided what to say the third time around eh Lore? :)

lore said...

i thought my post wasnt posted.. so i clicked 3 times. sorrrrry.

oneninefive said...

LOL - I am aware that she fainted, probably fainted because she beat the Empire that controls her own country.

After talking to my roommate, she brought up the word, Commonwealth - which Lore mentioned too.

I decided to look up the definition of Commonwealth and investigate Puerto Rico's status as an American territory.

Information about Puerto Rico is at BBC

According to the website, George F. Bush is the Head of State and there is a Governor. So technically Puerto Rico is run by the United States and I do not see how Puerto Rico can be considered a separate country from the United States. And I think it is important to note that BBC listed Puerto Rico under the list of Territories on their website. But it did mention that Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth. Kind of conflicting?

To make things worse, I checked www.dictionary.com and it says a subdivison of the United States that is not a state and is administered by an appointed or elected governor and elected legislature.

The governor is elected by the citizens of Puerto Rico, not appointed by the United States - this matches the definition of territory.

Me getting lost with this, I hope Puerto Ricans fight back and declare independence from the United States so that future Miss Universe pagents do not confuse more people. (:

One more thing, Canada and Australia are no longer operating under UK's laws. They are not administered by the Prime Minister or Queen of England anymore. Canada and Australia voluntary affiliate themselves to the Commonwealth of England, probably because of their historical ties with England.

TallWolf said...

Stop whining! You sissy Canadians can not match Americans imperalism strategy so you are in favor of freeing PR. That will never happen! One day, you will be united with the USA and support our so-called wars in Middle East! Be prepare to be called an American.;-)

lore said...

:) saw miss USA on project runaway and wow she looks like Christine in some ways (when she talks)!

lore said...

just a thought (while I was cleaning the apartment).. sorry if I seem to be the only one posting abou this.. Ireland and Wales are under UK right? does that mean they cannot participate in the pageant?

whatever.. either PR or USA were bound to win anyway because everyone else sucked! :)

jk.. kinda. :):):)