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Monday, July 10, 2006

Italian Weekend:

My weekend started with attending a tour being done by a Deaf person at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The tour docused on art that symbolized violence toward women, viewpoints on slavery, political allegiance, and the concept of "Ideal American Art".

The guy was very good at describing and narrating the meaning or objectives behind the art work. I never realized there was that much behind the surface of art, however I have no plans to start analyzing the depth of art work.

After the art tour, went home and met up with Chantal and Connie to go out for dinner before attending DPHH. On the way to the Asian place we were going to have dinner, we met several friends of Connie who decided to join us for dinner.

After dinner we headed to the bar for DPHH. The number of Deaf people there was low, but I had a good time hanging out with several guys who are working at Citigroup for the summer. For some reason the bar decided to close early so a bunch of us who wanted to have some more drinks went to another bar down the street.

I had a bit too much to drink and ended up having a bad headache so I did not join C&C for a morning jog. Later in the afternoon, Connie showed us around NYU, we walked through some kind of festival near NYU, but there was nothing "special" about that festival. Walked around a little bit and looked at food to make sushi and got some drinks.

We picked up sushi stuff and headed home. Our first attempt to cook the rice seemed like failure so we started another batch which looked slightly better than the first batch. We ended up making rice pudding with the facked up batch and plenty of sushi. After the sushi, we started watching a movie, but 0.125 way through the movie I was falling asleep so I went to bed.

Got up early since I told Chantal that I would jog with her. I did poorly - ran no more than one mile. Obviously I am out of shape! Around noon we departed to Little Italy to grab a good spot to watch the World Cup (Italy was playing against France in case you did not know who was playing). We arrived there and the entire street was packed with Italians and wanna-be Italians! The bars were charging between ten to thirty USD for admission. We ended up walking around until someone said there was a bar that had room for us.

We had to pay ten bucks and I was disappointed because someone paged me and said they had a table. The drinks were also too facking expensive so a while after the game started Chantal and I decided to go look for something to eat. We ended up looking for places that had falafels. We ate at Chickpea - their falafel was not the best I had, but satisifying and the place had the soccer game on so we were able to sit down and watch the soccer game.

We headed back to the bar when the game was almost over to go where ever Connie wanted to go after the game. Italy won in the kick out so Connie and Debra (Connie's roommate) were so excited that they wanted to be part of the celebration in Little Italy.

So the bunch of us headed back to Little Italy to celebrate. The street was packed with more people, Italian flags were flying all over the place, women were being hoisted up into the air and people were spraying booze and water all over the place. I became Connie's photographer for most of the time. Hopefully I will have a chance to post some of her pictures here soon.

The celebration showed no dying down, but we saw more police officiers enter the crowd so we decided to head home and look for a place to eat. Connie wanted Italian pizza to celebrate Italy's victory over France. We found a nice Italian place with pizza on Amsterdam avenue and 11oth street.

After that we had some chocolate ricotta cheese while watching the movie "Bee Season". The movie was okay, each family member was sorta facked up in the movie.

This post was done with my Blackberry™. It feels like this is my longest post.


lore said...

cool. who was the deaf "curator" at the Art Museum?

natech said...

Heh, you make a good traveller's notes. Any luck on getting a mac laptop? so you don't have to kill your thumbs on your blackberry!

oneninefive said...

Lore, the name of the person was Guthrie.

No idea what his last name is.

Nate, have not had a chance to get the laptop. If it is available, I may order it today since I got my 3rd paycheck.