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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Challenges @ Work:

I am a Finance Analyst at work and one thing that has started to frustrated me more is the people who have tasks assume I know all the formulas or concepts of analyzing numbers and identifying where things went wrong during a period.

It makes me wonder why they hired me to do financial analysis when I am studying management. I have not had an opportunity to apply my management skills at work and fail to see any possible opportunities in the future if I continue to work where I am right now.

This does not mean I hate what I am doing right now. I am learning helluva a lot here, but I just hope I will have an opportunity to apply my management skills someday.

The reason I am doing this post is because I have been working on this simple project where I have to figure out where the big changes were in several financial centres. At first it seemed simple, but after three days I am finding this "simple" project to be more mind boggling.

I am being told to do this calculation and that calculation and then figure this variance then subtract this and get the absolute value, then check there and add these numbers up, then divide them and subtract this with the variables you got after looking there, then pick out the big changes.

I seem to understand all this, but the problem is I have no friggin clue where to connect the numbers or find the values. Plus when I ask for help, the help I get comes with bizarre calculation that I never saw in my math courses, including calculus! This totally makes me feel lost.

Hopefully I will pick up and become comfortable feeling illiterate from now on. :)


Buzzair said...

New job, you'll get the hang of it in no time. Hang in there

natech said...

Yeah. I understand your frustrations. It's called being at the dirty shit bottom of the ladder. If you made it out, the next step will become easier. I'm not even at where I want to be but I'm working on getting to the next step.

Hang in there, survive, and you'll be certain to find something.

oneninefive said...

Thanks for your support - I just did that post to vent my fustration.

I finally completed my project and at the end I realize that this project was very friggin simple.

If I was explained in a simple way how to do this project I would have completed it within a day, but I was explained how to do this project with details lacking information plus some information contained ambigitious formulas which could have been explained in simpler form - overall in the end I just needed to use subtraction.

Was it just me not having a grip on what needed to be done or was it them who did not explain well? No one knows.

The project was a success according to this manager (maybe it was, but took too long in my own eyes).