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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Facked up night:

On Friday night, I had one of the worst time finding the location for the Deaf Professional Happy Hour and meeting Connie. It felt like I spent four hours travelling all over the city on the tube.

The metro system was facked up because of the rain, I was surpised to learn that the rain can distrub the trains so they were always shutting down or stopping the trains on the way uptown and downtown.

At least I got the chance to take a picture of the Empire State Building with its patroitic colours of the United States of America flag.


Brandon said...

few questions...

1) did u get a new camera or something?

2) you carry it with you everywhere?

3) thinking of taking up photojournalism? :)


xFf said...

Everytime I see mike, he has his camera :)

FrecklesFly said...

Its the same camera we got before going off to Europe.. Its his "pager"! :) Sadly, I'll yoink it for Calif.

oneninefive said...

few answers...

1) no, this camera is the same one FrecklesFly and I used in Europe (FrecklesFly already answered this question, but am confirming it in case you did not believe her).

2) I try to carry it everywhere I go - who knows what will happen out there, want to be able to capture the Canon moment.

3) My besides minoring in history, my other minor was photojournalism.

And for Rachy's comment on yoinking the camera, hopefully I will be able to figure something out to continue my photojournalism.