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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lindemans Lambic:

If you saw my winter quarter schedule, you know I am taking the Beers of the World course. This Monday we sampled eight different kinds of beer mostly from Beligum. I am guessing this class was one of my favourite class and do not think I will enjoy as many beer as I did that day.

There was one beer that I think several friends would love to sample,;I think I ranked it 3rd or 4th on my sampling list. The one I sampled had currant juice in it, it was very sweet and tasted very different than our typical beer because this type of beer (lambic beer) is brewed differently than traditional beer. Instead of using cultured yeast to ferment this type of beer, the brewery uses wild yest to ferment lambic beer.

I could go into all the details about the yeast, but to get to my point... I have several friends who "hate" beer, but want to drink booze similar to beer so they are limited to "hard cider" beverages; not only that I also have friends who like to drink beer that has fruit flavors, thus this is a beer for both types of friends to try out (also for women who do not like beer and are brave enough to try Beligan beer).

Last night I was in the mood for a cup of Lindemans Cassis Lambic beer so I stopped by the store, Beers of the Wold and found out that Lindemans makes lambic beer with other fruits too, black cherries, currants, peaches, and most of all... raspberries (is that the key word for you, buzzair?)

Before you rush out to purchase this beer, I got to warn you that it does not come cheap, this 75 cL bottle cost me USD$10.95. Also, this beer is not strong in alcohol, I think maybe around 4% ABV, so do not spend a lot of money on this beer expecting to get drunk. Lastly, I would not expect you to binge drink on this beer, it is extremely sweet so this beer is great for desserts or appetizers.



FrecklesFly said...

*smacks my lips* Its actually quite good! I gulped it down bit fast, forgetting its actually a beer :) Gals, fear not..try it, try it :D

Buzzair said...

damn I miss Rochester....beers of the World and Macs...

Maybe I ll check around and see if there is something like beers of the world around here.

I would love to try that Raspberry flavor

Brandon said...

Yeah, when I was in Belgium last month, all of the chicks there drank Lindemans beer. While guys gulped down the 12%ABV beers :)


Buzzair said...

So your saying its a chick drink eh?

Brandon said...

that was the exact phrase i used when laing told me about Lindemans on msn :)


oneninefive said...

Just like I mentioned in my post "(also for women who do not like beer and are brave enough to try Beligan beer)" this beer is also recommended for women.

I am sure they will be more capable than men to binge on this beer.

Brandon said...

wheres the friggin cuba photos?