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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Facts about Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan:

2,200 troops in Kandahar (Feb 06)
1,250 troops in country today as part of U.S.-led Operation Enduring Freedom (Kandahar and Bagram) and NATO ISAF mission (Kabul).


Canada currently:

  • Commands the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team
    (replaced U.S. in Aug 05)
  • has JTF2 Special Forces engaged in combat missions

Canada will:

  • Command a Multinational Brigade (March 06)
  • Field a Brigade HQ (Mar 06)
  • Field a Battle Group (Feb 06)
  • Help lead phase three NATO expansion into Southern Afghanistan
Strategic Advisory Team to Afghan government (civilian and military planners) on defence and national security
  • 20 Canadian Warships
  • Canadian airbase in the Persian Gulf - 5,000 tactical airlift, patrol and (ship-based) helicopter sorties
  • 15,000 Canadian personnel deployed since Oct 2001
Canadian Sacrifice
35 Casualties (9 Dead, 26 wounded) Defence Budget
Increase in defence budget ($15 billion US by 2009) and troop numbers (to approx 93,000 - 63,000 active duty and 30,000 primary reserve).

Transformation of the Military
Canada Command1 July '05
Canadian Expeditionary Forces Command1 Feb 06
Canadian Special Operations Forces Command1 Feb 06
Canadian Operational Support Command 1 Feb 06

Recent Canadian Contributions to Global Security

  • Sudan - $200 million committed. Key support to African Union mission in the Sudan - 105 Canadian armoured vehicles.
  • Haiti – 5 military/RCMP missions there since 1990. Elections Canada to head up Election oversight mission (Similar to our role with the Iraq elections in January). 100 Civilian Police officers deployed.
  • Iraq –$300 million for reconstruction efforts, led the International Mission for Iraqi elections. Canadian police trainers serve at the Jordan International Police Training Center. Military personnel with U.S., UK and Australian units (exchange).
  • NATO North Atlantic Naval Response Force – Under Canadian Command


  • Canada has served on 146 overseas missions since 1990
  • 40,000 troops have served in the Balkans since 1991
  • 165,000 troops overseas since 1950


Brandon said...

people... this is one of those times where oneninefive creates a point by doing something totally pointless making his pointless point totally pointless....


oneninefive said...

Heh, do not worry, it is pointless now.

But it may become useful for comparison between the Liberals and Conservatives after a while (the Conservatives want to increase the Canadian Armed Forces budget).

Plus some people may be interested in these facts and numbers.

Buzzair said...

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oneninefive said...

What other guy? :)

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This is not pointless, I found this interesting and resourceful! Surprised to hear from me eh?

oneninefive said...

Hey Knotzy! Welcome to my blog, glad I am not the only person who finds this information useful!

I am not surprised to hear from you, but surprised to see from you!

Buzzair said...

Seee! There is that other guy!!!!