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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canadian 39th General Election: Update

The election has been completed. The great thing about the election is there is no confusion, once voting is done at 7 pm PST, the results were all set and we all knew the results immediately. :)

I could not vote becasue the mail-in ballot package arrived yesterday (January 23rd) and if I wanted to vote, the ballot had to be back before 7 pm on January 23rd. I take responsibility for the failure to get things done in time, however Ontario got the majority of Liberal votes so Ontario is a Liberal province.

The Conseratives (PC) lead Canada now as a minority government, meaning that they will have to make sure at least one or two other party supports their bills and proposals to get the necessary votes to get things done.

For those who are too lazy to look for the results, I have included a snapshot of the results for your convenience.



xFf said...

The PC better not screw up Canada!!!

lore said...

Im glad the conservatives won:) they like americans *grin*

oneninefive said...

Let us just hope that they are not like Bush and destroy Canada like Bush destroyed America.

One more reason why I love Canada - there are more than two political parties.

Buzzair said...

Well they only have two years instead of three to kiss Bush's ass until the Democrats win the next American election