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Sunday, November 13, 2005


I love reading the news, I am pretty sure many of my blog readers would agree.  Today I came upon this article, I am not saying I agree with the main purpose behind the motivation that began this idea.

I have never really liked McDonald's, McDonald's (and the other fast food restaurants that try to beat McDonald's) is the "Walmart" of restaurants.  Let's participate with this movement on December 3rd, 2005.




oneninefive said...

I also wanted to add that I want to encourage the boycott anywhere, not limit it to Canadian McDonalds.

Buzzair said...

"McDonalds Canada responded with a statement that points out that most of its Canadian restaurants are owned by Canadians who employ other Canadians.

The company also emphasized that it sells hamburgers, not lumber."

It sells hamburgers, not lumber!! lol

I think this idea is retarded since they are only going to affect Canadians, not Americans.

oneninefive said...

Yeah, that is why I said in my post "I am not saying I agree with the main purpose behind the motivation that began this idea."

However who knows where their paper wrappers/containers/cups come from? Pulp from American-based lumber companies? If yes, technically they are providing products that come in material that is made from lumber. ;)

Another argument against McDonald's claim can be McDonald's headquarter receives approximately 4 to 5% gratuity per franchise so in other word, not only Canadian owners suffer; the headquarters located in USA suffers too.

The main reason why I support this boycott and encourage it to not be limited to only Canada is because McDonald's has ruined the diversity of food in other countries. I would not have a problem with McDonald's if it stayed inside USA after all McDonald's is truly an American restaurant.

TallWolf said...

I boycotted McDonalds ever since Ronald McDonalds was murdered. Bring Ronald McDonalds back alive and bitchslap those lil boys until they get swollen red lips. Welcome to Ronald's club.

I vow not to eat at McDonalds or any fast food joints on December 3rd. I vow to support international food restaurants where workers send money back to their families in developing nations. I vow to shop at Wal-Mart so illegal immigrants can have a job as a janitor.

Goddamn capitalistic nation!:-)

Buzzair said...

Better to vow to shop at Wal-mart so that all the children over in Taiwan and China will have jobs. :)