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Monday, November 14, 2005

Dinner @ TallWolf

Saturday, FrecklesFly and I were invited over to TallWolf's place for dinner along with Xff, Buzzair , his girlfriend and FrecklesFly's roommate. The food TallWolf cooked was fantastic! The most important thing you ought know about TallWolf is that he is a great cook! The dinner consisted of:

  • Spinach dip & bread
  • Sweet potato & marshmallows
  • Mushroom & green beans
  • Vegetarian lasagna
  • Stuffed bell peppers
  • Chicken breasts (for those who are carnivores)
I brought some spring rolls that I tried to make similar to ones made at one of the Asian restaurant we ate at a few weeks ago. After dinner we had a game of "Life". It was a nice evening, and an evening that worn everyone out a couple of hours before we planned capping off the night with a visit to Taco Bell.

Thanks TallWolf for a GREAT dinner!



natech said...

Heh, I'll be always a carnivore. The way I see it, there are two types of carnivores. One that eats animals and another eats plants. Haha.

Buzzair said...

Thats a herbivore!

oneninefive said...

Ditto! The only other carnivore I could think of is Jews since they eat meat, but not Pork! :)