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Monday, August 08, 2005

Day Seventy-Five

Day Seventy-Five - 08.08.05 - [London]
  • TBA
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Seventy-Four - 07.08.05 - [London]
  • Spent most of the day resting - had a small headache and our sleeping schedule was off by 5 hours so we slept for most of the day.
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Seventy-Three - 06.08.05 - [London]
  • We spent our day mostly sleeping, doing laundry, filling Himel and his roommates in with our Europe experinces and being told about the bombings that happend while we were in Europe.
  • I also learned a lot about cricket - Adam and Stephen were watching the match of Australia vs. England and as the game went on they explained what was going on and what happened, etc..
  • At 18h30 we got ready and headed out to meet Himel at a bar near the church where the Deaf rave was happening and we had some drinks and headed to the rave.
  • The church was packed with so many Deaf people, it was so dark and once you lost someone, it was literally impossible to find that person!  After a while, I got lost and could not find anyone I knew so after making three runs up the building, I gave up and decided that I was tired and looked for the bus that would take me back to Himel's place.  At the bus top where I was to transfer to another bus, luckyly I found Adam waiting for the bus too so we chatted and found that he also could not find anyone so he left, when I got back, Himel and FrecklesFly were not there so there was nothing we could so so we went to bed and woke up in the morning to find out that Himel and FrecklesFly came back, and they said they thought I was lost, and wondered how I got here, apparently Himel thought I was drunk, but apparently not because I knew how to get back!
  • Overall, the rave was a good experince and it was interesting to go to a rave which I have never gone to before.
Amount Spent: TBA


Buzzair said...

That's it? The rave doesn't seem all that champ as I thought it would be.

Buzzair said...

Its Aug 10th...Have a safe flight guys!

See ya this weekend hopefully!

oneninefive said...

The rave was nice to go to, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I knew more people (or at least was able to chat in BSL more easily). That happened especially when FrecklesFly and I got separated and also could not find Himel or Adam while looking all over the place which had sort of three floors.

Overall, it was impressive to see more than 1,000 deaf people (am pretty sure a small number of them were hearing people) packed in a church hall with music shaking every cm square of the building.

And it went till 6 am, I was tired way before 4 am (call me wimpy, but I'm more of a morning person and do not usually enjoy staying up all night).