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Friday, August 12, 2005

Back in North America...

Sorry for the null in updates, but wanted to let you all know that I am back in North America... (I hope this is not great news for everyone)

I will be very busy for the next few days getting to see friends and of course, see my parents too, moving into my new place and getting ready for my job training as a resident advisor.

See all of you soon (and for those in Europe reading this, sure love Europe and promise I will be in Europe again in the future)!


Brandon said...

welcome home! (i withdraw my statement if you havent been to canada yet when you read this message heh)

see ya soon dude..


MACanadian227 said...

yo yo 191, I can't believe that this summer 2005 flies so quickly to the end! We will catch up our summer break news when we will be returning our school. Take ur time, priority to flow with your families.

See you, bro!

marathonbabe said...

Welcome back :) Can't wait for the prize from you ;)

Enjoy and best of luck in reality again.

oneninefive said...

bg0ur3 - you're welcome, had a great time at 191's trailer on 14.08.05 and have you used the absinthe to meet new people in Sweden yet? :)

macanadian227 - yeah summer went by fast, I wish summer was not over and that I was still in europe, that way I could stop by and party with bg0ur3 in Sweden! [I just assumed you were talking to me even though you called me 191 :)]

marathonbabe - it was nice to be back in Canada, but the truth is I wish I some how got stuck in Europe and never came back! :) Your prize's waiting in my dorm until the next time I see you, hopefully I'll have it w/me and give it to you!


lore said...

paggggge me when you are done with RA training. I would love to see you and rachy ....of course, i'm bored out of my mind right now. keep in touch. :)

ooooh btw got ur postcard *grin* thank you! i have no idea what it's supposed to say on the front but it looks cool anyway!!!!