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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Day Fourty-Eight

Day Fourty-Eight- 12.07.05 - [Budapest -> Krakow]

  • Got up had breakfast, looked over some of Zoltán's wife's pictures.
  • Gave their kids Canadian hackeysack balls and pencils - they were very happy to get these gifts!
  • Said good-bye and headed to the mall to get some food for our day and train ride tonight.
  • Our plan so far for the afternoon is to buy our train tickets to Krakow, try to see the Labryinths, Citadel and Liberation Monument, and Statue Park if time permits since our train leaves at 19h30 tonight.
Amount Spent: 13.390Ft

Day Fourty-Seven 11.07.05 - [Budapest]

  • In the morning, we went with Zoltán's wife and his two children to the City Park (Városliget) and they went to the amusement park.
  • We headed over to the Heroes Square, took a look at the Vajdahwyad Castle, and took a two-hour swim in the hot tubs and warm pools at the park.
  • Then we tried catch the Great Synagogue to see the Tree of Life before it closed, but it was closed when we got there so we went to St. Stephen's Basilica to look around the place and see the mummified hand of St. Stephen.
  • We were very hungry so we stopped at an Indian resturant on our way to try to see the Labryinths at Castle Hill. The food was delicous and came at a good price.
  • After eating, we started walking to the Labryinths, but it started to pour so we decided to take the metro to the mall before going back to Zoltán's place for dinner.
  • Reserved our place in Krakow, Poland for 14.07.05 and went to the food store to try and find vegeterian stuff to share with Zoltán's family because they were very surpised to find out that we would not eat any meat, but we could not really find much.
  • We got back very late, but they had dinner, delicous potato soup with some kind of oil, chili and egg topping and told Zoltán about our day, he was very tired so we let him go to bed early.

Amount Spent: 3.848Ft

Day Fourty-Six - 10.07.05 - [Budapest]

  • Arrived in Budapest at approximately 14h30 and walked down to the exit of the train station, saw someone holding a paper with my name on it and immediately knew it was one of Kristian's friends who lived in Budapest.
  • Met up with him and met his wife, it took a while for us to get used to a new sign language and we could tell that they were struggling to get used to ASL!
  • They figured that we wanted to get the schedule for trains to Krakow, Poland before leaving the station so they helped us get the schedule, then we headed to their place.
  • They had a nice cozy place a while out of the city, met their ten year old son and they let us get cleaned up, gave us some dinner, then Zolan gave us a tour along the Danube (Duna) river, showed us the Széchenyl Lánchid (Chain Bridge), Castle Hill (Várhegy), Margit Island, Mathias Church, Parliament, and several main streets.
  • We headed back to his place early because he had to work the next day.

Amount Spent: 2.718Ft


marathonbabe said...

That was nice of u to give them canadian gifts. Did you buy them from here in canada and bring them for these kids?

oneninefive said...

The gifts are from Canada - my mom knew that there were going to be people who would help us through Europe so she got a bag of things with Canadian flag/symbols for me to give to people helping us out.

Zoltán's children were the ones who really loved them!

Suggestion for those planning trips to other countries, bring some nice gifts from your country to give to people who help you out on your trip.