Will the year 2007
    be a great year?


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Day Eight

  • Am in Madrid, will be heading to Lisbon, Portgual tomorrow night. Frecklesfly, Buzzy and I are having a great time!
  • I think Buzzy and I were more glad to leave Paris, the people in Madrid are more friendly than in Paris.
  • I apologize for not being able to provide detailed information about my trip due to limited time on the internet, however Buzzy has been travelling with Frecklesfly and me lately so his faithful pager lets
    him post detailed information so whatever he posts is pretty much what we all did.
  • Check out Buzzy´s post at http://buzzair.blogspot.com
    Check out Frecklesfly´s post at http//frecklesfly.blogspot.com

Till later,

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