Will the year 2007
    be a great year?


Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I am grateful for this break...

I feel like my computer usage has gone from 56 hours per week to 8 hours a week. That's a reduction of 28.57% computer usage!

I'm pretty sure my faithful readers have noticed that too since I have not made any blogs for a while.

The dollar continued it's plunge - is this a good or bad sign? :-) For me I hope it keeps on plunging driving George F. Bush's country into chaos and doom!

To add more strain on the dollar, Canada is prepared to go to war with America - let's hope that the war pushes the dollar down to 0.01 cents in December! *devilish laughter*

Anyways - I guess I've been on the computer too long (to be exact 37 minutes and 44 seconds and still counting).

Good Bye.


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